Bedroom Flooring Buying Guide

When choosing flooring for a bedroom, there are a number of different options available, including carpets, laminate and vinyl.



Bedroom flooring will ideally be warm and welcoming, creating a comfortable and luxurious space while matching any existing decor. Lavish designs can create relaxing spaces and resilience is guaranteed, regardless of which flooring finish you pick for your home.

1. Bedroom flooring options

Bedroom Carpet Flooring

Lavish and versatile, bedroom carpets come in an extensive range of colours, designs and thicknesses to meet the needs of every household. From deep-pile designs for wonderful comfort to practical designs that aren’t easily marked by heavy furniture, there is a carpet to suit any room and decor. Carpet has been the popular choice for generations and remains so to this day.

Bedroom Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is remarkably versatile and styles exist to match nearly any budget. Coming in a number of finishes, laminate floors are sure to enhance the overall look of a room while giving a different texture depending on the level of grip you desire. Smooth flooring is easy to maintain and has no grooves, while wood grain and embossed laminates have more texture for depth of style.

Bedroom Vinyl Flooring

Functional and sturdy, vinyl flooring comes in a range of authentic designs that mirror real wood and stone finishes. Extravagant modern designs that are suited to children’s rooms and contemporary homes can also invigorate the bedrooms of your home. Exceptionally easy to clean and providing comfort in abundance, vinyl flooring also protects against noise and general wear and tear.

2. How do you choose bedroom flooring?

The type of flooring you choose for your bedroom will depend on a number of factors such as the type of bedroom (kids’ bedroom, guest room or master bedroom), along with your personal preferences and design tastes.

Why is laminate flooring a good choice for a bedroom?


Laminate flooring is a good choice for bedrooms for a number of reasons. It comes in many colours and designs and is exceptionally easy to install and maintain. For families with young children where spillages may occur, laminate can be cleaned quickly and easily without staining. The authentic wood finishes are impressive to the eye and are incredibly robust, with laminate flooring designed to withstand constant use.

Which carpet designs are good for a bedroom?

Simplistic carpet designs can promote a feeling of luxury and elegance in a bedroom while some patterned flooring can bring life to open floor space. Depending on the location of the bed in the room, some more eccentric patterns may be hidden and this is worth considering both when looking at designs and when placing furniture.

Thick carpets are fantastically soft and comfortable underfoot while providing superb insulation against noise. Similar properties exist with thinner carpets although they may not be as soft underfoot during those early morning rises.

Which type of flooring is a good choice for a modern bedroom?

Rhino Classic Flanders Beige Brown Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring

Bedrooms are not the most used rooms in the home, but they will see regular footfall so having hard wearing flooring is essential. In modern bedrooms, laminate and vinyl designs can be found to match a wide range of decors, providing contemporary finishes to resemble natural stone, wood and mosaics. Rugs can also be placed over flooring to add comfort or to provide a warm surface when stepping from the bed and a number of modern carpet designs exist for those who want the traditional feel of this material but with an up-to-date look.

Will a bed leave indentation marks on all types of flooring?

Most beds will leave marks on flooring of any type if they are kept in the same place for a long period of time. Some indentations can be partially removed from carpets but they may still show. Most laminates and vinyl will be hardwearing and should not dent to the same degree as carpet. However, dropping items into the floor or putting large amounts of pressure onto the flooring could still cause it to dent.

Steam cleaning is the best way of removing indentations from carpets – using a damp towel and an iron can produce similar results but the process may need to be repeated several times.

Which type of flooring is good for traditional bedroom d├ęcor?

Adoration saxony plain carpet

Basic or patterned carpet designs can fit effortlessly into traditional bedrooms, although the natural wood and stone effects available with vinyl and laminate flooring also provide an attractive finish. Thicker carpets can provide warmth and comfort, but may not be practical for families with pets or young children where spills might be more likely. Authentic stone or wood effects provide the finish of natural products but are easier to clean and are usually lower in price.

Before you buy, you may need to measure up and do some calculations. You can refer to our overall flooring buying guide for preparation & installation information.

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3. How can you care for a bedroom floor?

Whichever flooring option you choose in your bedroom it will require regular cleaning and care. Carpets should be regularly hoovered to prevent the build up of dust and cleaned periodically using professional equipment.

Laminate and vinyl should be swept regularly and washed with a damp cloth or well wrung out mop. You should not soak or put water directly onto laminate or vinyl or allow surface water to collect in puddles as this can damage the floor. You should use warm water and cleaning products on the floor but always check the label of any chemicals to ensure they will not damage your new flooring.

Cleaning any spills as soon as they occur on any type of flooring helps to prevent the possibility of staining. With carpets, always blot or dab the spillage or stain, never rub. For hard flooring (laminate and vinyl) simply wipe clean with an absorbent cloth or paper towel.

Useful products and accessories

1. Beds

Once you’ve got your bedroom flooring sorted, why not treat yourself to a new bed to complete the look? Browse our collection of beds and mattresses in a range of sizes and designs form basic bed frames to divans and ottoman storage beds.

2. Carpets

A traditional bedroom flooring option, browse our full carpet range to find soft and luxurious floor coverings for all rooms of your home. Take a look at our carpet underlay to accompany your choice and help you new floor last longer.

3. Laminate Flooring

Invest in hard flooring for your home with our range of laminate floors. Available in a range of designs and styles perfect for bedrooms and other rooms of your home, take a look at rugs to accompany your choice and add extra style.

4. Bedroom Floor Safety Advice

Keeping your floors free from clutter can help to reduce the likelihood of a trip or fall so make sure bedroom furniture is arranged sensibly. If you choose hard flooring for your bedroom or a child’s bedroom then ensure all furniture and accessories such as rugs are slip-resistant to reduce the risk of them moving and causing damage or injury.

Any liquid spills on laminate and vinyl should be dealt with immediately to prevent the risk of slips and to stop the floor from being damaged too. If a spillage does leave a stain then always check the chemicals you use to clean it are safe for use on the floor and never leave them out in reach of children.

Always check cleaning products used on carpets are safe to use too and ensure the carpet is fitted professionally and covers the floor snugly with no lumps or bumps which could cause a trip or fall.

Always fit carpet with an appropriate underlay to prolong its life, increase insulation and protect your subfloor from damage. Underlay can also help to insulate again noise – particularly useful if your bedrooms are above other areas of the home – and can even reduce the depth of indentations caused by heavy furniture.

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