Top tips for sharing a room

Whether you’re a couple moving in together, or your children are going to be sharing a room, these tips will help make the transition as smooth as possible.

Room sharing tips for children’s rooms

Unless you’ve got twins (or triplets), you’re going to have an age gap to bridge. Here’s how to get around the practical problems.


1. Sleeping habits


If you have a baby and a toddler, trying to juggle your toddler’s naps with your baby’s feeding routine can feel like a nightmare. It’s best to wait until your youngest falls into a more regular sleeping pattern before you can start the transition into room sharing. It will take time, but everyone will soon find their rhythm.


2. Make it fun

Make being ‘roomies’ a game. Include shared areas and shared possessions. But why not get your children to personalise their own areas to get them excited about sharing?

If the room is large enough, split it into sections with some shelving. Use name plaques to define which areas within this shared space belong to each child.


3. More floor space with bunk beds

Sharing means saving space wherever possible. Bunk beds, like the one above, allows you to fit two kids beds in the floor space of one. They’re also great fun for the kids.

Room sharing tips for couples’ rooms

You aren’t kids, but that doesn’t mean that sharing the same sleeping space won’t cause a few arguments. Make bedroom sharing a dream with these simple tips.


Moving in? It’s a big adjustment. But with a few little adjustments you can navigate this new territory — and share it out evenly.


1. Don’t double up

If you and your significant other already have your own furniture, you’ll need to decide what stays and goes before you move in. Make a list of all the things you’ll be taking to your new shared space and work through it together, making a note of what you want to bring and which pieces can be left behind or donated to charity.


2. Decorate (or redecorate) together

The two of you should take time to decorate the space together. Making joint decisions is a great way to feel at home in a new room and ensures that both of you can make your mark on the new space.


3. Storage beds

When you’re sharing a room with a partner, you’ll have twice as many belongings to fit into the space. A divan with drawers, or an ottoman bed is like hiding an extra chest of drawers or wardrobe under your bed — perfect for big clumsy things like bedding and freeing up more space for your day-to-day lives.


4. Separate wardrobes

Ideas for wardrobe organisation


Explore the possibilities of keeping a few things separate. Wardrobes can be a great example. If you can’t have two separate wardrobes in your room, try and organise it into different areas. That way you won’t have to root through someone else’s clothes every morning to find your own.

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