Top 6 Instagram interior transformations

Looking to give one of your rooms a makeover but in need of some serious #interiorinspo? Here are the Insta transformations that broke the internet, along with practical tips on how to get the look.


From dated, dingy and dreary to elegant, sleek and stylish

The bedroom is the place to express your individuality with vibrant accessories, house plants and patterened rugs. It’s also a place of refuge, rest and relaxation, so comfort is a must. A big comfy bed, lavish fluffy carpet and lovely soft sheets can transform your mood in an instant, so we recommend investing in the best.

Get the look and the feel with a luxurious king size mattress and a supportive divan base for a beautiful bed that you’ll never want to leave. Sink your toes into our deep and super soft saxony carpets, rounded off with a gorgeous traditional rug.


From dark, claustrophobic and cramped, to big, bright and spacious

From dark, claustrophobic and cramped, to big, bright and spacious.

This fresh and airy kitchen is achieved with light paint and neutral tiling, lit up with bright spotlights to contrast with the sophisticated dark cabinetry of the island. A beautiful marble effect flooring and open plan layout are the real game changers here though, opening up the space so it feels larger and lighter – perfect for a family.

Get the look with our white and cream vinyl flooring, which is easy to clean, water and slip resistant. Our kitchen flooring puts a modern twist on classic European style, with a clean tile effect.


From damaged, dull and dusty to light, fresh and invigorated

This incredible loft renovation shows that beautiful bathrooms are possible, even in the smallest and strangest of places. Bringing monochrome patterns together like this adds character and a timeless charm, whilst enhancing the warmth of wood furnishings.

Get the look with with a bold monochrome pattern from our award winning Mardi Gras Vinyl range – all of which are easy to maintain, water and slip resistant. Alternatively, go for a faded tile that stands out without being overstated.


From gloomy to glamorous

The dining room is your chance to dress to impress. Use accessories, such as mirrors, wall hangings, plants and placemats to add charisma and class. Light and airy space makes people feel more at ease than dark and cramped areas, so stick to creams, whites and neutral colours on the walls. We love the charming touch of slightly mismatched chairs, as it makes guests feel like they have their own personal place at the table.

Get the look with with elegant wood flooring as it’s easy to wipe away any spills. Complete the look with a large traditional rug to go underneath the table and keep your guests’ feet nice and warm.


From bare and boring to full and fun

Transforming your work space can transform your productivity. The key to success is to keep it simple and organised, because a clear desk space = a clear mind space. Go for smart storage options like shelving and cupboards, so you can file unruly papers away but leave creative office accessories on display. It’s amazing what a lick of paint, swish new flooring and some shiny cabinet handles can do to a room.

Get the look with with indulgently dark ash wood flooring for a smooth, lustrous and professional feel.


From empty, gloomy and boring to bright, cosy and quirky

The living room is the place to indulge in the most luxurious of furnishings and flooring. This sophisticated style is achieved with cool, soft colours on the walls, warmed up by soft textures and a warm wooden flooring. Big windows to let in natural light, along with mirrors and glass surfaces, give the illusion of a larger space.

Get the look with a gorgeous oak wood floor, paired with a soft shaggy rug for the ultimate cosy comfort.

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