Stylish yet simple baby nursery ideas

When it comes to searching for baby nursery ideas, we know it can be a little overwhelming. With an abundance of choice when it comes to colour shades, accessories and design trends, you might often think, where do I start?

We’d recommend taking some time through your planning stage to source your mood board inspiration and find your own unique style of nursery that suits you and your home. Whether you’ve got a few months to go or the due date is in full sight, there’s still time to create a practical, safe nursery that’s full of visual stimulation to help your little one grow and learn.

So sit back and let us put you at ease and help you to decide the best way to decorate your nursery. Check our all time favourite baby nursery ideas that are fun and simple to incorporate ready for your new arrival.

Neutral hues


Whether you’re waiting to find out the gender of your new arrival or if you’re looking to ditch the traditional pink and blues, then a neutral nursery is for you. To keep it simple, choose a colour scheme that feels right for you and your home. It could be light grey tones, creamy accents or pops of bright colours, the best thing about neural nurseries is that it fits with any palette.

Beyond blue

Break away from the blue and encourage your baby boy’s adventurous side. You don’t have to spend a lot of money when keeping to a simple nursery for your baby boy. Simply mix it up by experimenting on bold patterns and colours through bright playful rugs or vibrant wall art.

Classic beauty

With countless possibilities for the perfect baby girl’s nursery, choose simplicity and keep to a classic theme that's timeless and clean. For the classic look, the best way to decorate your girls nursery is to add a beautiful soft carpet to set the tone and continue to add minimal touches from wall decor to stunning centerpieces.

Miniature marvel

Growing a family and finding you’re tight on space? We’ve got you covered should you need a baby nursery for a small rooms.

With some creativity and great design tips to allow you to think outside the box, you can create a beautiful nursery in any small nook. There are plenty of ways to fit a baby into a small space, and the trick is to not cram everything into the room. Instead, choose a multipurpose crib, utilise wall space and get smart with your storage by converting your closet.

Looking for the perfect flooring? For more information on decorating your babies nursery, check out our tips and tricks on flooring for babies.

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