Bedroom rug ideas – choosing the best rug for you

Inject sparkle and style into your flooring with Carpetright’s guide to the very best bedroom rugs for adults and children.

Small & chic bedroom rugs

Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries – a place to relax and unwind, it’s little surprise that so many of us are now choosing to invest more money than ever into finding the perfect bed, mattress or flooring to create our dream room (excuse the pun).

And whether you’ve got a fluffy Saxony carpet, or a contemporary laminate floor in your bedroom, adding a cosy and stylish bedroom rug is the perfect finishing touch – and it doesn’t even matter how big or small your bedroom is!

Small bedroom rugs are perfect because they help to create a zone, even in the smallest of spaces. However, the trick is to not go for one that is teeny tiny, as this will actually accentuate the lack of space.

There’s so many fun and fabulous bedroom rug ideas about, and one of our favourites is layering two rugs together. Buy a simple jute or rattan rug in a larger size and then buy a statement/accent rug to go on top of that – it’s cheaper than buying one extra-large expensive rug and it also looks great.


Large bedroom rugs

Have you ever considered purchasing a large rug to go underneath your bed? It creates a five-star boutique hotel feel and it also means your feet will be nice and warm when you get out of bed in the morning!

Large bedroom rugs allow you to be creative – will you go for an eye-catching print or perhaps a simple, but super fluffy one? We’ve got plenty of bedroom rug ideas online – everything from floral rugs to chevron, striped rugs, and statement patterns are there, so you’re covered, no matter what your scheme.

Fun girl’s bedroom rugs

The great thing about girl’s bedroom rugs is that they’re suitable for all ages – from toddlers to, well, any age really, they’re a timeless feature that add a stylish finishing touch to their bedroom.

It can be hard to pick a floor for a child’s bedroom, with many divided between hard flooring or carpets. If you’ve gone for a hard floor, it’s important to make sure your little one has a soft and warm space to sit and play on. Think about the room’s layout and where you would want a rug for children to go, keeping safety in mind. The softer the rug, the better, although jute rugs are extremely hard-wearing. Going for a fun circular shape will stop the room from looking too mature; kid’s bedroom rugs are meant to be fun, after all! And don’t limit yourself to just pink rugs when it comes to girls, vibrant hues and on-trend patterns will add a real flair to their room.

Brilliant boy’s bedroom rugs

Your little guy is going to be after something fun for his boy bedroom and you’ll want something that’s hard-wearing and practical!

Boy’s bedroom rugs are similar to that for girls; you want a rug that is nice, comfortable, soft and also something that will cover up those crayon or pen marks that just won’t come out! And also just like girls, there is so much choice; from on-trend geometric rugs to striped or a plain rug, we’ve got something for all ages and all favourite colours and designs.

Once you’ve settled on your dream rug, make sure you check out our rugs care guide for taking care of it – especially as we know how much kids are prone to spillages! And if you still can’t choose which one to buy, then take a look at our rug visualiser to help you make your decision.

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