Nursery style

The arrival of a little one is such an exciting time — and one of the most fun parts of planning for their grand entrance is getting the nursery ready! We’ve put together a few of our favourite ideas to make your bundle of joy’s room a real haven.

Grey is the new grey

Grey is taking over interiors everywhere, so of COURSE it’s going to find its way into a nursery, especially if you haven’t found out the gender of your baby. We love how a simple painted wall can be transformed with a wall decal — you can buy these online, or, hire a local artist to come and paint on the wall.

The organization before the storm

You can never be too organised, especially before the arrival of a baby! We love this idea of utilizing every spare inch of a wardrobe — by simply adding baskets and labels and hanging clothes by colour and size, those middle-of-the-night nappy changes won’t seem so bad!

Feet up feeds

We all know about investing in a comfy chair for those feeds, but we think the idea of adding a comfy footstool or pouf is genius! Get one that complements the colour scheme of the rest of the room and then put your feet up! (literally).

Tootsie test

No one wants to be walking on a cold, hard floor and once baby is on the move, they won’t want to be crawling on one either! Invest in a super soft, fluffy carpet (check out our Soft Collection) for that walking-on-a-cloud feel — you won’t regret it! Other ideas could include adding a stylish rug — not only will this cover up the inevitable marks and stains, but it adds a focal point to the room, too.

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