Boys bedroom ideas full of imagination and fun

Creating an imaginative boys bedroom for your own little superhero can be a really fun challenge. With a little planning and some creativity, your lad can have a ‘super’ bedroom of his dreams that will also feel as good when he gets older.

Here are our tips for planning the perfect bedroom for growing boys.

From baby to toddler

For your little energetic one, create a space to match their curious and playful characters with a room full vibrant of colours and different materials.

Introducing cute characters from their favourite show or create a fabric wall that they can interact with and stick toys too, can bring a room to life and provide a great space for your young boy to play in.

A great tip to create more space for your son to play in, is to pick smart storage options. By utilising versatile cubes shelves, you use every inch of the room to hold all types of storage.

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Pre-teen themes

Pre-teen boys bedroom themes

Having a central theme will help keep the design focused. Otherwise, you may end up with a room that is just an explosion of random colour, which may not be so popular!

A fail-safe option is to decorate your son’s room in his favourite football team colours. His team may also have its own wallpaper design, which can have the effect of brightening up the room, giving it that extra touch of character.

Going for matching duvet covers, pillows and curtains are an option, and you may even be able to find an official team rug. A striking rug provides a great focal point as you enter the room. For the finishing touches, try adding team lamps and bins, pictures of some of his favourite players, and other forms of memorabilia.

Of course, football is only one theme. Whether your boy likes superheroes, animals or space, there are fantastic options available.

Teenager’s choice

When your son hits his teens, he may want to start bringing his personality into his bedroom. Whether his style leans more towards cool blue tones, sports decor or his favourite movie theme, there are lots of ways to decorate a teenagers bedroom to suit their style.

An unusual patterned carpet really adds life to a room. An interesting design injects personality – just make sure that the rest of the space is kept fairly simple to avoid clashing or overwhelming it. We love muted tones complemented by bright accessories and unfussy furniture for a contemporary, yet cosy look.

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