8 bedroom revamp ideas

Count those sheep in style and create your very own sanctuary with these easy-to-follow ideas!

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Marisa Wooden Bed Frame


First things first, we’ll start with the most obvious option — upgrading your bed! The Better Sleep Council recommends that we look at replacing our mattresses every seven years. This also could be a fantastic opportunity to treat yourself to a whole new bed! And don’t forget those new pillows, bedding and decorative cushions for that finishing touch.

Changing rooms

Speaking of beds, sometimes a simple switch around in a room is enough. Moving furniture can completely transform a room — and if your bedroom is large enough, your bed doesn’t need to be pushed against the wall… don’t be afraid to shake things up a bit.

Art attack

A famous painting, a favourite snap from a holiday, or perhaps some finger painting by your three-year-old nephew — either way, adding some colourful artwork to a room can create an art gallery vibe in your own home. Display them all in the same frames for a coordinated look.

Clear out

Take a good, long look at all of the furniture in your bedroom. Do you really need all of it? Is there anything that could be moved to another room, or even better, could be donated to a loved one or charity shop? Sort out all of your clothes and chuck anything you haven’t worn in more than six months; you’ll be amazed at how much more room you’ll have! And you might not need that second chest of drawers after all…

Rug story

Carpet looking a bit tired? Laminate seen better days? If you can’t afford to get a whole new floor, then something as simple as adding a rug can help cover up any unsightly marks or holes and can make your bedroom look brand new! We love a thick and luxurious rug placed under the bed — it really adds something.

Wall space

Get the optimum use out of your walls by attaching or mounting furniture to them. Suspend bedside lights from the ceiling for an on-trend luxury hotel look, add cool shelving to display your favourite books and trinkets or invest in a ‘floating’ bedside cabinet for a super modern look.


Elements III 597 Greta Vinyl Flooring


Obviously, we are going to mention flooring! From super soft carpets, to gorgeous Luxury Vinyl or the ultimate indulgence, wood flooring, a new floor is an instant way to transform any bedroom.

Painting by numbers

It’s incredible what a fresh lick of paint can do for a room. From clean, crisp whites to stylish greys, or soothing blues to bursts of vibrant yellow, repainting or hanging new wallpaper will make everything look and feel new! Just remember to give the ceiling, door and skirting boards a new coat too!

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