5 space saving hacks

Wasted space is the enemy. The answer? Space saving ideas. Here are five hacks to help you get the most out of every square metre of your room.

Smart, space saving bed designs

Beds are arguably the most important fetature in any bedroom, but they often take up a fair amount of space — unless you opt for a bed that doubles up as a storage solution.


Specialised beds for kids

Bunk beds offer double the mattress space in the footprint of just one children’s bed. Or, if you’ve got just the one tot, a multi-functional bed puts drawers and shelves under your kid’s bed at a level they can reach.


Under bed guest beds

For hosting guests, a classic Shaker style bed that stores a hideaway guest bed underneath is a genius space saving idea! At Carpetright we have a whole range of guest beds for you to choose from including more light-weight versions too.

Ottoman beds

Ottoman beds have bags of storage. You can have acres of space under a double, king, or super king sized mattress.

A new way to look at under stairs storage

Slinging random items into the oddly shaped cupboard underneath isn’t very space efficient, but our last set of ideas are.


Shelves, drawers or walk-in storage

Tackling your under stairs storage can be as simple as installing some shelves or drawers to keep your bits and bobs organised and readily available. Or why not take the walk-in approach and go for a modern take on the traditional pantry?

For more ideas check out these solutions on Pinterest for some extra inspiration.

Cook up some storage ideas for your cosy kitchen

Hacks for inside your cupboards and drawers

Whether it’s baskets, clips or racks, there are tonnes of little hacks that will help you get the most out of the space in your kitchen cupboards and drawers. Simply attaching a basket or screwing hooks to the inside of a cupboard door can be a great way to keep clutter out of sight, while keeping bits and bobs within easy reach.

Take a look at these kitchen organising ideas on Pinterest and try a few yourself.

A shelving solution for any small room

For our second section we’re taking you beyond the ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions with this novel idea. In the hunt for storage hacks, doorways are often overlooked, but they can be good places to put some shelving. This storage solution for rolled towels above the bathroom door is both useful and stylish.

Creating space in the bathroom

Keep these space saving tips in mind when planning your bathroom redesign.


Corner baths or showers (and even toilets)

Corner baths, shower cubicles and even sinks and toilets, nestle compact conveniences in the spaces that are wasted in traditional layouts. Take a look at these gorgeous space efficient bathroom ideas on Pinterest.

Combination bathroom units

We’ve all heard of shower-baths. But combination bath suites like this one cleverly maximise space by putting your sink, toilet and cupboard into one unit.

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