Kitten on Carpet Grand Canyon White -CR075 (1)

We at Carpetright know that there are certain types of carpet that are good for pets and a type that certainly is not. It is common knowledge that pets, specifically cats do not only soil themselves but also love to scratch. It is for this reason that we recommend loop pile carpet flooring to be avoided. This type of carpet snags and tears when the cat scratches carpet and if one loop is pulled then a whole line will be damaged. Additionally, cats enjoy playing with loose fibres and most commonly scratch areas around the stairs. Nobody wants their new carpet to be ripped to shreds, so choose wisely!

Instead of loop pile carpet, we recommend buying types of carpet for pets such as the cut pile or Saxony carpet. This type of flooring material is made of individual fibres, which will determine its durability and longevity because it is less likely to be pulled, and if it is then it will only be that one individual fibre and not a line. They are also the best choice because they are easy to maintain, especially if its colour is dark.

Choose the darkest hues possible if your pets tend to soil themselves. This will ensure it will continue to look great day after day, making it more durable and worth the money that you pay.

Finally, it is definitely worth thinking about carpet that is moisture resistant as well as buying underlay that will protect your floorboards.

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