Flooring accessories buying guide

Flooring accessories are the finishing touches that will bring your floor to life, but which accessories do you need for which flooring? What if you have two different types of flooring – how do you transition from room to room? With the help of our in-house experts, we have created this guide to help you ensure you get the accessories you need to make the most of your flooring. One of our in-store experts will take you through our five finishing touches to get the perfect floor in the video below.

Why you need flooring accessories

Just like an outfit, accessories will really finish your living spaces, giving you the look you want.

Once your new floor has been fitted, you’ll immediately see the impact a new carpet or laminate has on living spaces. However, you’ll need door bars or beading to really make the room look finished. Plus, you’ll get much more out of your floor with the right trimmings – not only do they add that final flourish, they can also offer extra protection against any potential damage to the floor. 

We stock everything you need, from grippers and adhesives to door bars and stair rods, all available in-store and online. And don’t worry if it all sounds a bit confusing – our friendly colleagues in store will be able to advise you on the right products for you.

Why we love flooring accessories

  • Add the perfect finishing touches to your rooms
  • Help to keep your flooring secure and looking great
  • Bridge gaps between rooms and flooring types for a seamless transition
  • Provide extra protection for your floor

Flooring accessories: A glossary

Carpet gripper


Available in multiples of 1m, carpet gripper comes pre-nailed to provide a firm grip on your floors and prevent new carpets losing tension once laid. Simple to use, carpet gripper can be cut to size if needed. Carpet gripper is suitable for use on wooden floorboards and most concrete subfloors.

Single edge door bar


If you need to join the threshold between a room and an open area of hard flooring, then this is the accessory for you! Available in brass effect and aluminum to suit all styles of décor, single door bars are perfect to bridge the gap between carpet and vinyl, as well as stylishly finishing your doorways.

Double edge door bar


Joining two carpets together? This is the accessory for you! With grips on either side to hold your carpet firmly in place, double edge door bars make door thresholds look neat and stylish. They also help to make your carpet edges safe from trip hazards and help to keep your carpet taught and free from lumps and bumps.

Z section door bar


Joining a carpet to wood or laminate? A Z section provides a neat transition between carpet and wood or laminate.

Luxury vinyl door bar


Luxury vinyl door bars sit across thresholds, covering expansion gaps and protecting your floor. These innovative door bars go one step further by incorporating a clear central space, so you can slot in a strip of your luxury vinyl, making the room-to-room transition of different floorings completely seamless and almost invisible.

Laminate door bar


Available in a choice of colours to complement your new laminate flooring to perfection, the door bars will sit flush across thresholds and create a smooth transition between rooms with laminate flooring.

Wooden beading


Available in a variety of colours and shades, beading is designed to complement your wood flooring. Engineered wood and laminate floor edging will fill the expansion gap between your planks and the wall or skirting board.

Double sided vinyl tape


Double-sided vinyl tape will, as the name suggests, fix vinyl flooring to your sub floor. Easy to use, the tape is super-strong and provides a firm and secure hold that is sure to last. Simply attach the tape to the underside of your vinyl flooring and then lay the vinyl across your floor. Stick down for a flat and even finish and flooring that won’t budge!

Vinyl adhesive spray


Like vinyl tape, adhesive spray is a quick and easy way to make sure your vinyl flooring stays in place. This powerful spray is fast-acting and will bond your vinyl to pretty much any sub-floor including concrete, stone, wood and tiles.



Underlay is not an optional extra – it really will shape how flooring feels, wears and looks. From adding cushioned depth and absorbing shock, to reducing noise and insulating your home, the benefits of underlay are undeniable.


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Stair rods


Stair rods are a simple, yet effective way of transforming your stairs – they’ll add style and interest to this often-forgotten space. The perfect finishing touch in our opinion!



Rugs are a simple and affordable way of changing the dynamic of a room instantly. Whether you want to brighten up your living room, add cosiness to your bedroom or create a bold focal point in your living room, our range of rugs will have something to suit you and your home.


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