The best carpets for every room in your home

When you're choosing a new carpet, the most important thing to consider what type of carpet you are buying is what room you are buying carpet for. Different carpets suit different areas, and some are more hardwearing to suit better areas like stairs or kitchen. There are also different styles and types to suit a living room and dining room. To help you choose the right carpet by room, we’ll go through the best carpets room by room in this guide.

Best Carpet for Living Room


Living rooms often serves as the central hub of the house, meaning that the carpet in a living room is probably the most important carpet you’ll have to choose. Luckily, our range of living room carpets are made to transform this heart of your home, with many types to choose from. Some things to consider when buying a living room carpet is practicality and colour coordination, let’s dive into them.


Practicality and Durability


Because a living room is most likely the most used room in the house, you need a living room carpet that is both practical for that room and durable, while also being comfortable to walk on. Our range of carpets for your living room have both soft and durable designs that are also easy to clean from stains and dirt. Meaning that our living room carpets can stand the high traffic and are great for pets and kids. From man-made fibres such as polypropylene or polyamide in twist or Berber styles for a more hard-wearing soft carpet, or a luxury plush Saxony carpet, these carpets are made for your living room.


Living Room Carpet Colours


Another thing you should consider when buying a carpet for this room in your house is colour coordination. Because a living room is usually the house’s centrepiece, you should carefully consider what colour carpet you may be choosing. A living room carpet colour that compliments your overall décor and style of the room and isn’t too sore on the eyes will work. Our carpets for your lounge come in a range of colours as well as styles, from naturals such as white, cream or grey, darker colours such a brown or black, and even bolder colours such as blue or red. Although choosing a darker carpet colour for your living room is better as these are harder wearing and hide wear better than the lighter shades.

Best Carpet for Bedrooms


Your bedroom is your sanctuary and should be the most relaxing room in your home, so your carpet for your bedroom should match the overall feeling. Softness and warmness are two of the most important factors to help you choose the best carpet for your bedroom. With our range of bedroom carpets, we have the softest and most sumptuous carpets available, with a range of cosy textures and styles and colours to match your bedroom décor.

Softest bedroom carpets


There is nothing better than getting out of bed and stepping onto a soft cosy carpet. So, the best carpet for your bedroom is one that gives a plush and sumptuous feel to it. From our deep pile and dense fibre styles such as Saxony or velvet to really bring into that layer of luxury into your bedroom. While soft, these are also great and easy to clean so great for children’s bedroom as well.

You should also consider using a great quality carpet underlay, these will add more cushion to your carpet, creating an even softer environment. Adding an underlay to your carpet for your bedroom will also prolong the life of your carpet, so it is worth the extra investment.




Although having a deeper carpet will make your bedroom seem warmer and cosier, so does the colour of the carpet you choose. Our range of carpets for your bedroom come in a wide range of colours and shades. The most popular shades are carpets in neutral tones such as white, grey, cream or beige, which can make your bedroom feel bigger than it really is. Choosing the best bedroom carpet, however, involves choosing a warmer toned colour, these can really set that cosy mood, and turns your bedroom into a place for rest and relaxation.

Best Carpet for Dining Room


Similar to a living room, dining rooms are high traffic rooms and having a carpet for your dining room can create a cosy and inviting feel. Choosing the best dining room carpet involves thinking about a carpet that is hard-wearing and stain resistant. Luckily, our range of dining room carpets are just the perfect match.

Practicality of a dining room carpet


Carpets for your dining room can help to make the space feel larger, and bring the room together, making it the perfect place to eat and socialize with family or guests. Like a living room carpet, these need to be practical and durable since this room can have heavy footfall and if you are eating, spills and messes can happen. Our dining room carpets are easy to clean and stain resistant, and some of them even come with a manufacturer’s lifetime stain warranty, so you don’t have to worry.

One big consideration for choosing the best dining room carpet is the ease of a chair sliding under the table. Even though you can buy a range of styles and textures, choosing a smooth carpet is the best choice for dining rooms. But don’t worry, you can still choose a wide range of colours and patterns to suit your dining room decor and style.


Best Carpet for Stairs, Landing, and Hallways


These areas of the house are often the most used and high traffic rooms, and so choosing the best carpet for stairs and landing or hallways require something more hardwearing. Our range of stair carpets and carpets for landings and hallways are high qaulity and hard wearing and can create a great statement piece or calming entrance in your home. Two points to consider when choosing the best carpet for stairs and landing is the maintence level and durability:

Maintenance level of carpets for stairs and landing


Because stairs, landing, and carpets are high traffic areas they can be subjected daily to shoes, which can track water, mud or dirt. So, choosing the best carpet for stairs involves choosing one that is easy to clean and maintain, so avoiding lighter colours is better since those are more likely to become stained. Darker colour carpets can also appear dirty from dust unless regularly cleaned, so choosing a pattered colour is the best compromise. These also apply for landing and hallway carpets.


Stair carpet durability


You’d be surprised how often stairs, landing, and hallways are used. We walk up stairs and down hallways multiple times a day to get to different areas of the house. So, because of this, the best carpet for stairs and landing is one that is hardwearing and that isn’t going to be left with constant footprints over time. For this, choosing a wool loop style is the perfect option as they provide a soft and welcoming texture but also resilience to stand the test of time.

Best Carpet for Bathroom


Although carpet for bathrooms isn’t what most people think about when decorating this room, having a bathroom carpet can add softness and warmness to this room, which usually is cold due to typical tiles or vinyl flooring. Choosing the best carpet for bathrooms involves having a carpet which is both practical and stylish. Our range of bathroom carpets boast this with being soft and durable, hard wearing, stain resistant, and waterproof.

With a full bathroom carpet, you can add a warm and luxurious soft feel when stepping out of a hot shower or bath. The best bathroon carpets not only are soft but are also durable. Our range are made with high-quality materials to combat the humidity and moisture of this room, they are also easy to clean and waterproof making a bathroom carpet a great choice for comfort and practicaility. From a wide range of styles and shades, you can decorate your bathroom with a neutral coloured carpet or a bold blue carpet and more.

Best Carpet for Kitchen


Like bathrooms, the best kitchen carpets need to be hardwearing to combat this busy and messy part of the home. Our range of carpets for your kitchen offer a pracitical and unique way to decorate this area of your home, with a wide range of colours and styles you’ll find the perfect carpet for your kitchen.

Like other rooms in the house, the kitchen is often a focal point so adding a carpet into this room can create a softness and warmth to the room. But the best carpets for kitchens are hardwearing and are able to cope with humidity and even spillages and mess. Our kitchen carpets are made from easy to clean and stain resistant materials, and are built to last. Like bathroom carpets, we also offer waterproof kitchen carpets. From a range of shades including neutrals through to bold coloured and striped carpets, you can find the best carpet to match your kitchen décor.

Best Carpet for Conservatory


If you have a sunny conservatory attached to your home, it can be a good idea to have a carpet in the conservatory to keep it warm and comfortable to use all year round, since it can be colder with tile flooring or during winter months. Our range of conservatory carpets offer a great way to add style, comfort, and durability to this room.

Choosing the right carpet for your conservatory depends on how you use it. You can create a warmer and cosier feel with a Saxony carpet. Or if you have kids, or enjoy going outside more, having a hardwearing man-made nylon carpet is better, which can be cleaned easier and hold up garden and outside stains better. Another consideration is which colour carpet you choose, although we offer a range of colours from neutrals, bolds, and patterns, choosing patterned or mixed hues is the best choice. This is due to the direct sunlight which can fade darker coloured carpets and make them look worn out a lot quicker. And lighter coloured conservatory carpets are impractical due to the stains showing up a lot easier.

Choosing the best carpet for any room is easy, but there is still a lot of styles and colours to choose from, ordering free carpet samples may help you make your decision. When you get your new carpet, the next step is making sure it lasts, so take a look at our carpet care guide for more information.