Carpet buying guide

The right carpet is an investment that should be a squashy, underfoot mainstay of your home for many years. Coming to the experts at Carpetright means you can be confident of making the right choice.

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Not only are our staff crammed with flooring knowledge, but we’ve put together this buying guide so that you can be in the know too. Let our home expert, Lucy Alexander, take you through the different types of carpet in our carpet collection video below.

Carpets come in a huge range of colours, patterns and textures, and they’re all suited for different areas of the home. The dream is to find a carpet that can stand up to the demands of your home and look amazing too.

How to choose carpet by room

Living room carpet

Carpets squish wonderfully underfoot, make it even easier to get cosy and relax in the living room. Choose from deep Saxony, durable twist or practical loop.

Bedroom carpet

It’s the first thing your bare feet touch in the morning, so a bedroom carpet can be really lush and indulgent. Super soft Saxony carpets have a rich texture and a range of colours for chic styling and happy toes.

Hall, stairs & landing carpet

High traffic areas can be high on visual impact too. Choose a stripe carpet to make a feature of your stairs. Twist, plain and textured carpets are ideal too because they’re hardwearing while looking good too.

Dining room carpet

Choose a stain-resistant carpet for this space so you can enjoy your culinary creations without worrying about spills. Wool carpets are easy to clean, and polypropylene carpet can be cleaned with a bleach solution.

Bathroom carpet

Carpet might not be your first thought when it comes to this space, but it can deal with the spills and splashes of life in the bathroom. Look out for specialist carpets with waterproof backing.

Kitchen carpet

Kitchens not only have splashes and spills but staining to contend with too. For that task only the toughest of specialist carpets will do. Check out our specialist range that can deal with high traffic and high mess situations.

Choose your carpet texture by fibre

Man-made carpet fibres Man-made carpet fibres

Man-made carpet


Polypropylene carpet

Soft to the touch but stain-resistant and incredibly hard wearing, polypropylene carpets offer excellent value for money and are ideal for pretty much anywhere in the home. They’re easy to clean, and you can even use a bleach mix for particularly stubborn stains.

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Polyamide (Nylon) carpet

Perfect for a home with a busy family, polyamide carpets are easy to clean and stand up to high traffic. The fibres don’t flatten easily and spring right back into shape, meaning your carpet will look good for longer. And don’t worry – the new generation of Nylon carpets are super soft.

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Natural carpet


Wool carpet

Wool is one of the most resilient fibres. It’s natural, sustainable and good looking too. The natural spring in the fibres means your wool carpet will recover quickly from footfall to stay looking fresh. Not only are they super soft, but wool carpets are easy to clean too. You can buy a 100% wool carpet, or go for a blend. The unique properties of wool means colour looks richer in its fibres, and they hold heat, act as a flame retardant, and insulate sound better too. The price range of wool can be higher than man-made fibres, but its benefits make it a sound investment for many homes.

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Sisal carpet

Tough and natural, Sisal carpets are hard-wearing, comfortable underfoot and have a contemporary, almost organic appearance. A traditional weave gives Sisal carpets their distinctive texture.

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Choose your carpet pattern by design

Patterned carpet

Make a bold statement or embrace tradition with your choice of patterned carpet. From classic motifs with ornate detailing, to on-trend contemporary styles, there is a patterned carpet to suit every room, whatever your taste.

Plain carpet

Go bold or keep it neutral, a plain carpet provides the perfect complement to the rest of your room, without tying you into one look. The versatility of plain carpet gives you the freedom to create the look you want with simple colour style statements or contrasting shades.

Striped carpet

Get dynamic and introduce some stripes to your style. An especially good choice for stairs, stripes can create the illusion of space, as well as injecting some colour and contrast into any space.

Choose your carpet type by style

Carpet Type - Twist Carpet Type - Twist
Carpet Type - Saxony Carpet Type - Saxony
Carpet Type - Loop Pile Carpet Type - Loop Pile
Carpet Type - Berber Carpet Type - Berber
Carpet Type - Cut & Loop Carpet Type - Cut & Loop
Carpet Type - Velvet Carpet Type - Velvet

Carpet pile length

Deep pile carpet Deep pile carpet

Deep pile carpet

Carpets with a deep pile provide that soft, sinking feeling underfoot, adding a touch of luxury. Their comfort and warmth make them a popular choice for cosy spaces within the home.

Short pile carpet Short pile carpet

Short pile carpet

Short pile carpets work brilliantly in high traffic areas like stairs, landings, and dining rooms. Their tufts are tightly packed, making them resilient and hard wearing.

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