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We’ve created this expert guide to make it easier for you to find your perfect carpet. Let our home expert, Lucy Alexander, take you through the different types of carpet in our carpet collection video below.

When deciding on a carpet consider the colour, style and texture. Each carpet has features that make it suitable for particular locations and use. The key is to find the carpet that best suits your individual requirements and lifestyle.

how to choose carpet by room

Room Guide - Lounge Room Guide - Lounge

Living Room Carpet

Carpets work perfectly for the living room because they’re warm and they’re soft underfoot! Choose from deep Saxony, durable twist or practical loop

Room Guide - Bedroom Room Guide - Bedroom

Bedroom Carpet

With a lot of time spent barefoot in a bedroom you can afford for your carpet to be more luxuriously soft than practical. Want a bit of indulgence? Super soft Saxony carpets have a rich texture and colours to really indulge your feet – and your eyes.

Room Guide - Hall, Stairs & Landing Room Guide - Hall, Stairs & Landing

Hall, Stairs & Landing Carpet

Twist, plain and textured carpets are ideal for these spaces because they offer a blend of comfort and practicality. Consider stripes for extra impact on stairs.

Room Guide - Dining Room Room Guide - Dining Room

Dining Room Carpet

We recommend a stain-resistant carpet to remove the worry of accidental spills. Wool carpets are easy to clean while polypropylene carpet can be cleaned with a bleach solution.

Room Guide - Bathroom Carpet Room Guide - Bathroom Carpet

Bathroom Carpet

Although not an obvious choice for the bathroom, there are carpets available that can deal with the challenges of this wet zone. Look for our specialist carpets with a waterproof backing.

Room Guide - Kitchen Room Guide - Kitchen

Kitchen Carpet

Like the bathroom, the kitchen is an area prone to staining. Choose one of our specialist carpets for this area that can deal with the high traffic and staining of everyday family life.

choose your carpet texture by fibre

Man-made carpet fibres Man-made carpet fibres

Man-made carpet


Polypropylene carpet

Soft to the touch but stain-resistant and incredibly hard wearing, polypropylene carpets offer excellent value for money and are ideal for pretty much anywhere in the home. Easy to clean, a bleach mix can be used on particularly tough stains.

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Polyamide (Nylon) carpet

Tough and durable, polyamide carpets are easy to clean. An ideal choice for a family home, polyamide doesn’t flatten easily and springs back into shape, keeping the carpet looking sumptuous and beautiful. The new generation of Nylon carpets are super soft.

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Natural carpet


Wool carpet

Natural, sustainable and gorgeous to look at, wool is the most resilient fibre enabling it to recover quickly from footfall and retain its appearance. Wool carpets are soft, durable, easy to clean and are available in a 100% pure form or in a blend with at least 50%. Colour looks richer on wool and it provides natural heat and sound insulation and is flame retardant. Although it can be more expensive than man-made fibres, wool carpet is so long-lasting it’s seen as an investment by many.

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Sisal carpet

Tough and natural, Sisal carpets are hard-wearing, comfortable underfoot and have a contemporary, almost organic appearance. A traditional weave gives Sisal carpets their distinctive texture.

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choose your carpet pattern by design

Carpet Designs - Patterned Carpet Designs - Patterned

Patterned carpet

A patterned carpet can make a bold statement or add a sense of the traditional to your home. From classic motifs with ornate detailing, to on-trend contemporary styles, there is a patterned carpet to suit every home interior.

Carpet Designs - Plain Carpet Designs - Plain

Plain carpet

Choose a plain carpet to add dramatic colour, a neutral finish or anything in between. The versatility of plain carpet gives you the freedom to create the look you want with simple colour style statements or contrasting shades.

Carpet Designs - Striped Carpet Designs - Striped

Striped carpet

Be bold with your home design; introduce a dynamic striped carpet into your rooms for maximum impact. Especially popular on stairs, vertical stripes can create the illusion of space and are available in a range of contrasting colours which ooze personality.

choose your carpet type by style

Carpet Type - Twist Carpet Type - Twist
Carpet Type - Saxony Carpet Type - Saxony
Carpet Type - Loop Pile Carpet Type - Loop Pile
Carpet Type - Berber Carpet Type - Berber
Carpet Type - Cut & Loop Carpet Type - Cut & Loop
Carpet Type - Velvet Carpet Type - Velvet

carpet pile length

Deep pile carpet Deep pile carpet

Deep pile carpet

Deep pile carpets are thick, soft underfoot and feel luxurious. The added comfort and warmth makes them a popular choice for cosy spaces within the home.

Short pile carpet Short pile carpet

Short pile carpet

Short pile carpets are more suitable for high-traffic areas of the home such as stairs, landings and dining rooms, as the tufts tend to be closely packed making them resilient and hard wearing.

Got a new carpet but unsure how to clean it? Learn how to look after your carpet with our guide.

underlay & flooring accessories

A guide to underlay

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A guide to accessories

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carpet care & fitting guides

Care Guide: Carpet

Keep your new carpet looking its best with handy tips on how to care for your carpet.

Fitting Guide: Carpet

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