budget planning

Helping you to plan your budget wisely, we’ve pulled together some great hints and tips. Have you considered how much your new flooring should cost, how much fitting should cost and not forgetting those added extras of underlay and accessories? You’ll walk into your flooring purchase fully prepared for the outlay ahead!

How much should my new flooring cost? How much should my new flooring cost?

How much should my new flooring cost?


It can be difficult to make a judgement on how much new flooring can cost. It is important to take into consideration all the added extras that will give that truly finished look. You will need to measure out and add on to your flooring order;

  • Underlay
  • Accessories
  • Beading/Doorbars/Adhesive
  • Delivery
  • Fitting

We offer a whole host of flooring options to suit various budgets, from our essentials value to our range of premium brands, you’ll be sure to find a flooring you love without having to compromise on quality or practicality.

How much should fitting cost? How much should fitting cost?

How much should fitting cost?


You will be provided with a fitting cost quote when you fill out the quantity of flooring you wish to purchase. This charge is payable to our recommended fitters on the day your flooring is laid. Our recommended fitters are Which? approved. The fitting fee also includes fitting underlay and grippers if purchased from Carpetright.

The fitting fee will of course vary dependant on the area the flooring is required to cover. An additional charge is also applicable for flooring that you wish to be laid in the hallway, stairs and landing area. This additional charge is applied as it takes a longer time to lay flooring in these areas in comparison to flat areas. To find out what you can expect from our floor fitting service click here or you can check out our Frequently Asked Questions about fitting service here.

Should I invest in Underlay and Accessories?


Underlay is an important element that many overlook when buying new flooring. If underlay is recommended for the flooring type you are looking to purchase, this is not an optional extra. The right underlay adds to the finish, feel and wear of your new flooring. Whilst not only improving your new flooring visually and with its underfoot feel, it can also extend the lifespan by up to 50%. Providing added insulation, underlay helps to reduce your energy bills, reduces in room noise, and provides added comfort thanks to its cushioning properties. To understand which underlay you require, click here.

Flooring accessories can give that finishing touch to really perfect your new flooring. By simply adding beading, a door bar or even stair rods, you’ll be sure to complete the look with additional accessories that will provide you with a quality finish. Achieve that seamless look within a room and incorporate accessories within your budget to get the best finished look for your new flooring. To review which flooring accessories you may need, view our accessories buying guide here.

Finance Options Finance Options

What finance options are available for my purchases


Freshening up your home can be costly, remove the worry by spreading the cost over time. We offer an interest free credit payment option, so you can make payments to cover the cost over 4 years. It is important to consider your budget before beginning to look for your new flooring or bed to ensure you make a selection on what you can afford. 

However, by offering interest free credit with no deposit required, you can purchase the products you love without having to wait.

Apply online or in store, or alternatively you can call us to discuss the options available. Read more about the finance options available to you.

Room Pricing Examples Room Pricing Examples

How do I price my room?


If you’d like a more accurate price, you can find information on how to measure your room precisely in our room planning guide, helping you to calculate an exact cost.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of our free home consultation service and have one of our experts visit your home and measure for you!