Budget planning

The most important part of any home transformation is getting the most from your budget.

We’ve pulled together our experts’ hints and tips to make sure your budget works for you.

In addition to the cost of replacing the flooring, there is the fitting cost, underlay and accessories to consider. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, don’t worry. Read our guide and you’ll stroll into your flooring purchase 100% prepared.


How much should my new flooring cost?


Flooring is available to fit any budget, but it’s not the only cost you need to consider. In addition to the floor that’s going to transform your room, there are important extras that will give your room that flawless finished look.

Once you’ve measured up, you’ll need to account for these additional extras in your budget:

  • Underlay
  • Accessories
  • Beading/Door bars/Adhesive
  • Delivery
  • Fitting


Whatever your budget, there’s never a need to compromise on quality or practicality. The Carpetright flooring range includes great value essentials to a huge selection of premium brands.

How much should fitting cost?


Fitting costs are unique to each quote, and will vary depending on the amount of flooring you want to buy and the area it needs to be laid in. For example, there are additional charges for hallway, stairs and landing areas due to the extra work required to fit flooring in these areas compared to a flat surface.

We’ll provide you with a quote for fitting costs from an independent fitter once we know the amount of flooring you want to buy. The cost includes the fitting of underlay and grippers if you purchased them from us. You’ll pay this to the arranged independent fitter on the day it is fitted. Carpetright's fitting arrangement service uses an approved assessment process, meaning the independent professional fitters must pass a rigorous assessment and demonstrate suitable skill and depth of experience.

To find out what you can expect from our floor fitting arrangement service click here or you can check out our Frequently Asked Questions about our fitting arrangement service here.

Should I invest in Underlay and Accessories?


Underlay is often overlooked when buying new flooring but can make an enormous difference to the finish, feel and longevity of many flooring types. It can extend the lifespan of some flooring by up to 50%, and certainly shouldn’t be thought of as an optional extra.

Underlay can also help reduce your energy bills by providing extra insultation. It can also reduce in-room noise, and it feels comfier underfoot too!

To see which underlay is right for you, click here.


Flooring accessories are the finishing touch that makes your new floor look fab. The simple addition of beading, a door bar or even stair rods can add extra flair to your flooring transformation.  

To see which flooring accessories might be needed for your flooring type, view our accessories buying guide here.

What are my finance options?


Even the best budgeters can benefit from spreading the cost of their home transformation. We offer an interest-free-credit payment option, so you can make payments to cover the cost over 4 years.

Figuring out your budget before you start shopping for your new flooring or bed can make the process quicker and help you to make sure your finances stay on track. 

Our interest free credit with no deposit required means you can purchase the products you love, without having to wait.

You can apply for our credit online, in store, or give us a call to chat about your options. Here’s a handy link with more information about your finance options.

How do I price my room?


Our room planning guide has easy-to-follow, detailed steps to help you get an accurate estimate of how much your new flooring will cost.

If you’d rather leave it to the experts, why not book a free home consultation? One of our friendly team members will visit your home and measure up for you.