Redecorating your living room with any budget

When it comes to redecoration, budget is a big factor.

In fact, our recent report revealed that for as many as 45% of us, gaining a large sum of money would be all that’s needed to inspire a home transformation. And when you consider that of all areas in the home, nearly 30% of us feel most proud of our living rooms, it’s important that we have some budget-conscious living room redecoration ideas at hand.

Redecorating ideas under £100

When you’re looking to redecorate on a tight budget, you need to go for the kind of small cost items that will make the largest impact on your living room space.


Repaint the woodwork

Repaint the woodwork Repaint the woodwork

If you don’t have the cash to cover all your walls with a new lick of paint, why not start with the woodwork?

Door and window frames, picture rails, coving and skirting boards all define the very dimensions of your living room. Changing their colour with a tin of gloss paint (around £17 per tin) will go a long way to transforming your space.


Feature walls

Feature Walls Feature Walls

Why paint the whole room when you can transform your living room with just one wall? It’s a far less daunting DIY task to deal with. Feature wall matt paint can cost anywhere around £13.



Traditional Style Rugs Traditional Style Rugs

A rug can completely change the feel of your living room, refresh the feel of your old carpet and keep the cost of redecoration down.

And prices for quality rugs are more reasonable than you may think with our rugs starting from as little as £14.99!

For all the help you’ll need when selecting your rug, take a look at our rugs buying guide.


Mirrors and pictures

Black and White Picture Frames Black and White Picture Frames

The right mirror can make a real difference by helping you guide natural light to the darker corners of your living room. You can pick up beautiful mirrors online from as little as £20. Or why not put up some canvas pictures of your fondest memories to decorate your walls for a similar price?


Soft furnishings

Soft furnishings Soft furnishings

Cushions are available from around £10, so as well as being cost-effective, they’re a great way to add a splash of colour. Why not use them to complement the shade of your newly painted woodwork?

Redecorating ideas from £100 to £500

Window dressings

Window dressings Window dressings

When it comes to windows, it all depends on the type of dressing you go with, the size and number of your windows and how much you want to spend.

There are loads of options for blinds, including wooden, Roman, Venetian, vertical and pleated. They start from as little as £25. Curtains can be anywhere from around £30 upwards and open up a world of textures, patterns and colours.



Patterned Carpet Patterned Carpet

Carpets are a great way to renovate your living room. They’re very affordable, starting from just £2.99 per square metre.

But flooring doesn’t stop there. Choose between vinyllaminate and wood flooring, with prices available to suit most budgets.

You can use our Budget Planning Guide to help you work out costs, and our Visualiser Tool to help you choose styles by modifying a real picture of your living room with your choice of our floor coverings!

Redecorating ideas from £500 to £1000

Painting your whole living room

Painting your whole living room Painting your whole living room

Naturally, the total cost of painting your living room is going to depend on the size of your room and the price of the paint you choose.

You’ll need to measure your room accurately. But to save you guessing how many containers of emulsion you’ll need, you can use a paint calculator. Most paint manufacturers have them online for free.


Coffee tables

Coffee tables Coffee tables

From woods like teak, walnut and pine, to metals like chrome, copper and steel — you’ve got a range of materials to choose from when it comes to the coffee table. Prices do range from as little as £25 to thousands, but if you’re willing to spend more than £500 on a coffee table you can expect it to be incredibly stylish and built to last.

Redecorating ideas from £1000+

A bigger budget will open up your interior possibilities. And there’s one obvious investment that would transform your living room immediately…


New sofa suite

New sofa suite New sofa suite

It sounds obvious, but where sofas are large, they do have a huge impact on any room. The main thing you need to keep in mind, aside from the look, is your family’s lifestyle. If you have a large family for example, you might want to opt for a three piece, five piece or even a corner sofa. Those that entertain guests a lot may want to consider a sofa bed.

Accessories for all budgets

Accessories for all budgets Accessories for all budgets

There are some living room accessories that can really work to add that finishing touch, regardless of your purse strings. Why not create some low level mood lighting with an arc lamp, or add some life with a plant? The beauty of accessories like lamps, hanging tapestries, curtains and magazine racks are that there are options to suit most budgets.

By mixing and matching the decoration ideas that suit your budget, you’ll begin to create your very own redecoration plan.

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