Sunset pastels

Who doesn’t find joy in a sunset? This versatile trend offers a broad spectrum of colour, from the most vibrant yellows and oranges of the sun to hazy pinks and purples of dusk. This palette is warm and comforting, offering a connectedness to the natural world but subtler than we’ve seen in previous seasons. These tones work brilliantly in multiples and teamed with herringbone flooring for a soft retro feel or used more liberally and paired with metallics for a modern look.

Zeena Ancares Herringbone Brown vinyl


Instil a beautiful sense of style into your home with the Zeena Ancares Herringbone Brown vinyl flooring. Set in a classic herringbone pattern, the parquet style of this design will bring an element of charisma into your spaces, whilst its light brown colouring will help to bring a warm feeling. Beautiful pastel colours embolden this look, creating a vibrant and retro feel.


Kingston Saxony carpet in Citrine


Freshen up your interior with the addition of the Kingston Saxony carpet in Citrine. Providing you with a blend of comfort and style, this soft to the touch saxony brings a dash of luxury, without breaking the budget. Create a contemporary look with this on-trend blush carpet and embrace the Sunset Pastels trend. This range is brilliant for homes with children and pets thanks to its incredible stain resistance, making it suitable for a lounge, hallway or dining room.


Pimlico Twist carpet in Blush Pink


Give your home the transformation it deserves with the Pimlico Twist carpet. The charming Pink Blush hue will bring a stunning contemporary look into any space. Wonderfully suited to those looking a wallet friendly option to refresh a busy home, this can be brought into spaces from the hallway to the bedroom. Brilliantly stain resistant, this carpet is family friendly thanks to its polypropylene fibre construction, boasting the ability to be cleaned with a mild bleach solution.


Tegola Elite Click Tile Copper Tile luxury vinyl


The Tegola Elite Click Tile Copper Tile luxury vinyl flooring brings a stylish sensation into your interior. Taking inspiration from a mix of stone and metal, the copper tint gives it an industrial edge allowing you to bring a wonderfully contemporary feeling into your design. Pair with warm pastel colours to really embrace this trend. Crafted with a surface that boasts water resistance and strong durability you can place this luxury vinyl throughout your home, whether you have it flowing through a busy hallway or a splashy bathroom.


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