Get creative with colour

It’s time to rip up the rule book (and your old flooring) and inject a welcome burst of vibrancy into every room. Colour is enjoying a renaissance, allowing us to become infinitely more adventurous and creative with our spaces.

Autumn Winter 2021 colour trends

Fireside brights


The Fireside Bright’s trend is about bringing warming shades into the darkest months of the year with hot flashes of cheery colour such as orange, deep red and burgundy for a real fireside feel.


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Spring Summer 2021 colour trends

Summer blues


Whether you’re dreaming of the vivid teal tones of the Mediterranean or the dramatic white-blue splashes of the Atlantic, blue is most definitely back.


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Sunset pastels


This versatile trend offers a broad spectrum of colour, from the most vibrant yellows and oranges of the sun to hazy pinks and purples of dusk.


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