Modern classics

There’s something inherently reassuring about classic style, but it can sometimes feel too refined or a little cold. The ‘Modern Classics’ trend offers sophistication and a respect for classic materials such as stone and marble but with an updated contemporary edge. This look is about creating calm, elegant spaces that are striking, practical and comfortable in equal measure. The mix of old and new is important here, pairing classic marble-design flooring with a geometric overlay, or adding a plush rug for a layered marble effect will add the essential modern touch.

Quick-Step Livyn Tile Marble Carrara White luxury vinyl


Fill your home with the elegance of the Quick-Step Livyn Tile Marble Carrara White luxury vinyl. It brings a natural feeling of sophistication wherever it is laid, with its intricate white marble patterning. Allowing you to impress a sense of classical art, its beautiful, marbled look creates a clean, yet grand appearance in your home.


Platinum Cabana Grey vinyl flooring


Add some monochrome magic into your interior with the introduction of the Platinum Cabana Grey vinyl flooring. The tiled design features geometric square patterns that will really make an impact into any room it is added into. With white, grey and black tones, it has a brilliantly versatile colouring that will complement many different styles to create a modern, classic edge. It’s scratch and stain resistant, making it a great fit for busy family homes.


Platinum Nero Marquine Hexagon Black Gold vinyl


Modernise your home with the gorgeous Platinum Nero Marquine Hexagon Black Gold vinyl flooring. Organised in hexagonal shapes, the tiles are jet black with a gold grouting styled edging, with all the white and grey veins you would expect from a marble look floor. Combined with the refreshing look of the Platinum Marble Bianco Hexagon White Gold vinyl flooring with its honeycomb-like hexagonal design, you can bring a whole new level of design into your home.


Columbus Mono Greek Key Patterned carpet


Make a striking statement within a room in your home by introducing the Greek Key design from the Columbus carpet collection. Bold and lavish, you will be sure to draw the eye and create an instant impact. Enhance a room in your home and embrace a classic monochrome patterned carpet to truly introduce style. Durable and hardwearing, this carpet can be fitted in area's that endure high levels of footfall. If you have a home that is bursting with life, this is the perfect look for you.


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