5 budget kitchen ideas

It’s no wonder we all dream of a sleek and stylish kitchen. As the hub of all activity, it brings friends and family together, and it’s where some of our most treasured memories (and meals) are made.

Many of us think we need a mountain of money to achieve the luxury look, but in reality, there are plenty of simple, economical ways to transform your kitchen and give it a fresh new feel.

Kitchens that look expensive, don’t necessarily have to be expensive — so here’s how to renovate your kitchen without breaking the bank:

Fit beautiful budget flooring

One of the easiest and most striking ways to transform your kitchen while still saving the pennies, is with a new luxury floor. Instead of blowing all your cash on real wood or authentic stone, why not try luxury vinyl tiles or sleek laminate flooring?


Vinyl tiles

As the most versatile flooring you’ll ever find, vinyl is super soft and comfortable, whilst remaining hardwearing, insulating and slip resistant. With a gorgeous range of colours, patterns and textures available, you can achieve any look — plus it’s extremely easy to clean and maintain.


Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring offers the timeless, natural look of wood or stone, at just a fraction of the price. It’s much more hardwearing and easier to maintain than the real thing, with the added bonus of heat and sound insulation.

Transform your kitchen with tiles

If you choose to tile your walls rather than paint them, then it will cost a little more money. But it’s well worth doing just the small splashback sections behind the sink and hob for protection.

Keep costs down by going for mostly plain tiles, and using the intricate mosaics, patterned or sleek border tiles to frame and accentuate certain areas.

Alternatively, opt for affordable coloured acrylic splashbacks instead of expensive glass ones to add personality to your kitchen without spending a fortune.

With this feature in place, you can keep walls — whether painted or tiled — plain and simple, for minimal expenditure.

Get creative with colour

If tiles are a bit out of your price range then it’s time to get the paint out. Creating a feature wall is an easy way to liven up a kitchen. Go for rich yet soothing shades and avoid anything too extreme, as it can make the room feel smaller and busier.

There’s really no need to replace your cabinetry when painting is a cheap, fun and hassle-free way to revive cupboards with colour and character. Even if your cabinets are looking a bit rough, embrace the ruggedness and work the shabby chic look, because it’s here to stay!

If you have light, neutral walls then why not go for a charming pastel colour on your cabinets? Greys and blues are also popular, and they offer a modern and stylish touch. Colour really can affect your mood, so remember: lighter tones will give the illusion of a larger, brighter space. You can always add vibrancy in soft furnishings and kitchen accessories, which can easily be updated seasonally.


Struggling to decide on the right colour? Well now you can try out different shades before you commit with our room visualiser.

Revamp your worktops

Worktops cover a large surface area and are the icing on the cake when it comes to cabinetry, so giving them a refresh can really boost the appearance of your kitchen without costing too much.

Laminate worktops are a great alternative to real slate, marble or granite — and cost considerably less. They can chip or damage if you’re not careful though, so earthstone worktops may be a better option if you’re after something more hardwearing.

Earthstone is a single, solid material that gives the rich, natural look of slate or wood, but is cheaper and easier to fit than raw stone materials.

Be storage smart

Storage is a kitchen essential, but how can you make sure you have enough space for everything without spending a fortune?

The trick is to keep it simple with basic cabinet designs, which can hold any of your ‘less attractive’ or rarely-used appliances for a seamless finish. Add a touch of elegance and flair with accessories, such as new cupboard handles or cool countertop appliances.

Visible storage is a quirky, modern solution that creates more space. Opt for hanging hooks above the hob for pots and pans, or over an island for crockery and tableware. Shelves are another charismatic way to save space, especially if you have colourful kitchen accessories or earthenware to adorn them with.

And finally, don’t forget what your mother taught you: it costs nothing to keep counters clear and clean but really does make all the difference!

Still undecided which flooring to go for? Order free samples to help you find the perfect fit for your kitchen.

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