Flooring for babies

Exciting times lie ahead – and a new arrival usually means a new nursery! Whether you’re expecting your first bundle of joy or it’s baby number two or three, making sure the nursery is a comforting and welcoming atmosphere for the little one is of the utmost importance.

From bright colour schemes complete with cuddly toys or muted greys and whites filled with stars and moons, there’s so much to choose from when it comes to decorating your dream nursery. And making sure you have flooring that is warm, soft and baby-proof needs to be high-up on your list of essentials. From a soft Saxony to a durable, yet soft Twist carpet, our expert in-store colleagues will be more than happy to advise you during this exciting time!

Nursery ideas for your newborn

It can be hard choosing that perfect shade of grey (or yellow, or pink, or blue…) and the pressure to get the nursery perfect can seem overwhelming. But there’s no need to panic, as we’ve got some quick top tips to help you master the basics:

1: Make sure everything you will need is within easy reach of the changing table
We’re talking nappies, rash cream, baby wipes, fresh clothing…


2: Avoid clutter
It’s hard to resist all of the adorable accessories and trinkets, we know, but you really want this space to be clutter free, and make sure the floor is always clear as you don’t want to trip over a toy or book in the middle of the night!


3: Invest in black out blinds
These will be your saviour during the summer months or during daytime naps. It can be near on impossible to get a baby to sleep if it’s bright and sunny outside, but if you trick them into thinking it’s night time, your life could be a whole lot easier.


4: Think about colours carefully
All we’re saying is, your white carpet or feeding chair may not (read: will not) stay white…


Creating a nursery

Congratulations – you’re expecting! Or are you about to embark on a decorating session and you’ve found yourself looking for inspiration? Either way, we’re here to help with some quick tips! We’ve pulled together these super cosy and fun décor tips (plus, we think they’re pretty clever). They are sure to make the cutest and happiest nursery for your little one!

Comfy carpet


It’s a great idea to choose a luxurious, thick carpet in a nursery to add comfort for when the little ones are learning to crawl and walk. Grey is the new beige and is a classic colour that will go with anything, last for years and is a timeless hue – so no replacing the carpet every couple of years! Look for a carpet that is stain-resistant, as it will make your life that little bit easier when it comes to keeping the house clean.

Colourful vinyl


Embrace bold colours this autumn and take the plunge with colourful vinyl flooring. It’s fun and inspiring and is perfect for a nursery that’s full of life and laughter. Another reason why you might want vinyl flooring – it’s really easy to clean and maintain, so you’ll have an easier job handling those inevitable accidents!

Bold brights


Most of us love the classic pale pinks or baby blues for a little one’s bedroom – and there’s nothing wrong with that! We’ve got everything from pale blues to deep navy, blush pinks and vibrant fuchsia hues.

Trendy babies


From unicorns to flamingos, bohemian details, tropical décor or statement walls – there’s so much to choose from when it comes to decorating a nursery! Bespoke hand-lettered posters, prints and wall decals are also taking the interiors world by storm this year, and you don’t want your little one feeling left out, do you?

Monochrome nursery


Black and white will never go out of style. Although not a glaringly obvious choice for a nursery, when used correctly monochrome can look warm and inviting, but also current. Paint the walls white and decorate with black polka dots, stripes or wall decals and add in subtle-coloured accessories to warm the look up. Experiment with washi tape too for some unusual effects!

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