Which flooring should I choose for my bathroom?

Refurbing the bathroom can seem like a daunting task, especially if it’s the smallest room in your home. And when it comes to the flooring, you’ll want something that’s practical, comfortable to stand on and easy to clean. You’ll also want to make your new bathroom warm and inviting, with your own personal touch.

It might sound like a long list of goals to achieve, but thankfully there’s an array of designs and materials to choose from, so you won’t struggle to get the look you’re aspiring to.

Below we’ve put together your bathroom flooring options, which will help you achieve the look you want. Careful planning, along with clever design, layouts and storage, will turn your good mornings into great mornings.

Vinyl flooring

This is perfect for bathrooms:

  • comfortable for bare feet
  • waterproof and slip resistant
  • It’s ideal for wet areas of the home
  • there’s no need to worry about slipping.


Vinyl flooring is also a great insulator so it helps to keep your bathroom warm and cosy, and what’s more, it works really well with underfloor heating.

Tile-effect vinyl flooring can give your bathroom the traditional look of ceramic, travertine, stone or slate tiles with none of the hassle of fitting or upkeep. For a more modern feel that makes a statement, why not try honeycomb-style vinyl flooring?

Super functional vinyl is incredibly simple to look after and to keep clean. If it gets dusty, give it a quick vacuum and then wash with a mop and it will look as good as the day it was fitted.

Luxury vinyl flooring

Similar to vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl flooring is ideal for the bathroom. It offers the same benefits as vinyl but with a high-end look and feel. Just like sheet vinyl, it’s slip and splash resistant, super durable and easy maintenance. If there’s an issue, you simply replace one tile rather than the entire floor.

Luxury vinyl flooring is available in many designs, so whatever style you’re looking for you’ll find the perfect pattern to enhance your bathroom. Whether it’s wood effect, stone designs or high-end vinyl floor tiles, they’re so realistic that whatever style you choose, it’ll be hard to differentiate from the real thing. With luxury vinyl flooring, your bathroom will have a practical and stunning floor for many years to come.

Wood flooring

Beautiful, sumptuous and luxurious, wood flooring looks gorgeous in any setting. Although there are some suitable options, we wouldn’t recommend wood flooring for your bathroom. Real wood is used to create the panes and extended water exposure will damage and warp the wood over time. If you’d like a wood finish for your bathroom floor, we recommend using laminate or wood-effect vinyl flooring. These realistic looking floor options not only look amazing, they’re super functional too.


This may come as a surprise, but there are some suitable bathroom carpets out there. Regular carpets don’t cope well with the daily splashes your bathroom floor takes every day. Mould and damp are bad for your house and your health.

Fortunately there are bathroom carpets designed with a waterproof backing, making it practical for this particularly wet room. Imagine being able to step out onto a comfortable, warm carpet after a nice long bath or shower — you’ll notice the difference in the winter months especially!

Alternatively, if you don’t want to completely line your bathroom floor with carpet, why not use a rug instead? Rugs come in a range of textures, colours and patterns, but they’re also easy to clean while completely altering the look of a room.

If you’re still unsure about which flooring would look best in your bathroom, explore our home transformation hub for more inspiring ideas and recommendations.

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