Beautiful bathrooms

There’s nothing quite like a long, relaxing soak in a hot bath after a hard day’s work. Plus, it’s the perfect preparation for a restful night’s sleep. With that in mind, we’ve created a guide to bathroom redesign, helping you to add a touch of ‘spa’ to your home.

Three questions you should be asking yourself about your space


Unless you’re planning a large scale refurbishment, the footprint of your existing bathroom isn’t going to change.

Small or large, your bathroom can be beautiful — it’s all in the planning.


1. Bath? Shower? Both?
First of all, decide whether you’re going to have a bath, shower, or put a shower unit over your tub. A lot of other choices will depend on this and will make the direction your design is headed in really clear.

2. Traditional bathroom suite or modern wet room?
Making this choice will really help you narrow down the fixtures that will best complement your design. Buying a ready-made suite can be economical, but if you want to combine your wet room with a tub, look at adding a free standing bath to create the luxury look.

3. Modern, minimalist or traditional décor?
Think about the kind of colour scheme you’re going for. White has been a longstanding popular choice for bathrooms as it looks clean and, with the right mirrors, can really open up smaller spaces.


When it comes to design why start from scratch? Take a look at the bathroom ideas on sites like Pinterest for inspiration and recreate elements of the looks you fall in love with.

Baths and sinks: Choosing the right fixtures for your bathroom

Choosing a bath
Whether fitted along a wall or freestanding, baths are big, beautiful and come in many shapes and sizes. But the style and shape of your tub is just the beginning! You also need to think about the material it’s made of. Popular and practical, most baths are made of acrylic, due to its affordability.

You could, however, go for copper, steel, cast iron, stone resin, or glass. Yes, even glass. And why not? This is your space. Think about how you want to enjoy it. If you can’t resist a bubble bath why not feature your tub as the centrepiece of your relaxing haven?


Sink your teeth in
Brushing your teeth at the sink might be an everyday activity, but getting the right sink can contribute to the creation of a unique and stylish bathroom design.

There are numerous options here too. Wall mounted sinks can keep things open in tight spaces. ‘His and hers’ double sinks are practical and fashionable too. Finally, free-standing counter top basins really give you the spa feel.

From the ground up: Choosing the right bathroom flooring

Whatever you plan to splash out on, you need a floor that can handle the splashes too.


Bathroom laminate flooring
If you’re looking for bathroom flooring that’s durable and easy to maintain, laminate flooring has become a popular choice. This versatile material even comes in a wood effect finish, so take a look at our laminate buying guide for more information.

Vinyl flooring for bathrooms
This super durable, easy to install and water resistant flooring is an obvious choice. But it also offers a massive selection of colours, patterns and intricate designs, perfect for a fabulous feature floor.


Why not use our visualiser tool to really see what different flooring types and designs will look like in your space? You can even upload a photo of your own bathroom!

Still undecided which flooring to go for? Order free samples to help you find the perfect fit for your bathroom.

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