Archived colour trends

Take a trip back in time and browse the most popular colour trends of past few years.

2021 colour trends

Fireside brights

The Fireside Bright’s trend is about bringing warming shades into the darkest months of the year with hot flashes of cheery colour such as orange, deep red and burgundy for a real fireside feel.

Summer blues

Whether you’re dreaming of the vivid teal tones of the Mediterranean or the dramatic white-blue splashes of the Atlantic, blue is most definitely back.

Sunset pastels

This versatile trend offers a broad spectrum of colour, from the most vibrant yellows and oranges of the sun to hazy pinks and purples of dusk. 

2020 colour trends

Autumn harvest

The warm and varied colour palette of the Autumn works in so many different spaces and styles of home.

Back to nature

Undyed yarns, natural woods and plenty of plant life really bring this look to life.


Fresh lilac tones create a contemporary feel for Spring/Summer 2020, and when paired with bold greens this colour trend is full of life and optimism.

Living with white

This season the Living with White trend is all about creating a clear bright base with walls and flooring, then accessorising to perfect the look.

2019 colour trends

Black is the new grey

Whether it’s on walls, floors, your furniture or accessories, black is fast replacing grey as the go-to sophisticated trend colour.

The new neutrals

Beige is back! But it’s anything but boring – this time it’s in a sophisticated palette of barely-there powdery nude neutrals.

Versatile grey

A cool, modern alternative to the traditional warmer beige and cream tones.

Ways with pink

From blush to dusty, all the way through to fuchsia, pink is taking over the world of interiors.

2018 colour trends

Autumn maple

The Autumn Maple trend makes the most of the season’s best hues.


Black and white never dates. Its simplicity is its selling point.

Nordic blue

We’ve decided to focus on and highlight the Nordic Blue palette, take a look!

Tawny port

Deep purples, rich red hues and classic burgundy tones are leading the way into autumn.

Red-y or not

Red is back with a bang and this time it’s gone bold.

Ways with purple

Incorporate Pantone’s 2018 colour of the year into your home!

2017 colour trends


Make your friends green with envy.

Feeling blue

Dive into the blue trend and add an element of luxe to your home.

Helpful colour tips

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