Nordic blue

Interior schemes have been inspired by Scandinavian style for some time now; the balance of colour and texture, mixture of modern and classic, attention to authenticity and detail all have a compelling appeal that interiors fans cannot resist.

We’ve decided to focus on and highlight the Nordic Blue palette, which adds calm to contemporary living rooms, a point of interest in otherwise minimal schemes and a touch of elegance to bathrooms.

Condo Hexagon carpet in Teal Condo Hexagon carpet in Teal

Condo Hexagon carpet in Teal

A lot of interiors fans will talk about statement walls – but we’re more about a statement floor. Modern, yet retro, dramatic without overwhelming, there’s something about a geometric pattern that keeps winning homeowners over, again and again. The on-trend teal colour looks fresh when used in a room with white walls and the minimalist scheme lets it take centre stage.

Platinum Almeria Vinyl in Blue Platinum Almeria Vinyl in Blue

Platinum Almeria vinyl in Blue

A little bit Moroccan, a little bit Victorian… it’s not enough to say this floor is simply eye-catching, every different tile area has interest, something to draw you in. It’s the type of floor where you’d spot something different every time and that’s why we like it. This charming floor is surprisingly understated for how busy it is. Perfect for any room and any style of house.

Champagne carpet in Denim Champagne carpet in Denim

Champagne carpet in Denim

Effortlessly cool, minimalist without being boring and with just enough colour to make you look twice, an understated floor doesn’t just work in busy rooms, it also flourishes in simpler spaces, with a few key pieces to create focal points. We love a super-soft Saxony in family rooms; it’s the perfect way to get cosy!

Platinum Cabana vinyl in Mono Platinum Cabana vinyl in Mono

Platinum Cabana vinyl in Mono

Let your floor do the talking, especially when it boasts a pattern as dazzling as this! Bathrooms are great rooms to experiment with, especially when it comes to floors; here’s a room where you can really have fun and go for colours and prints that you wouldn’t usually go for. Complement the monochrome colour scheme with olive greens and navy.

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