What laminate flooring colours go with dark furniture?

With the popularity of dark furniture showing no signs of slowing down, it’s a great choice for anyone looking to create a modern, on-trend living space in their home. Of course, when designing a room there needs to be a degree of co-ordination – and this is particularly true with regards to the shade of your flooring, which will have an impact on the overall ambience of the room. Laminate flooring is a stylish and easy-to-maintain option for matching with dark furniture – but which colours are best?

Dark tones

Dark tones laminate Dark tones laminate

One option you may wish to consider is matching your furniture with dark laminate flooring. A deep, earthy palette can really add a sense of warmth to a living room, promoting a relaxing, welcoming environment while retaining a look of contemporary chic.

The Tegola Exquisit Stirling Oak Laminate is a particularly impressive choice, with a dark grey/brown tone that exudes effortless charm. Whether you want to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen or you’re looking for the perfect shade of flooring to match with dark brown or black furniture, this stylish laminate creates a classic floorboard effect without the maintenance that real floorboards require! Dark shades of laminate are on-trend at the moment, especially with the New York interior design scene.

Medium tones

Medium tones laminate Medium tones laminate

While darker browns may be especially fashionable at the moment, that’s not to say that other shades have fallen out of favour – medium brown laminate flooring tones are an ever-popular choice, giving your living space a classic look that creates an atmosphere of real tranquillity. Providing a subtle contrast to darker furniture, a medium brown wood-effect laminate helps to give a room a sense of symmetry – Carpetright’s Impressive Soft Oak Light Brown Laminate is light enough to make a room feel more spacious, and offers a relaxed backdrop to really show off a black or dark brown sofa or other living room centrepiece.

Light tones

Light tones laminate Light tones laminate

If you really want to offset your dark furniture to ensure it stands out, a light wood-effect laminate is the perfect way to do so, providing a fantastic balance to give your room a refined look. Walking the line between contemporary and classic, a light shade of laminate flooring adds an elegant touch to your living room without losing that all-important feeling of homeliness. The Impressive Patina Classic Oak Grey Laminate, available from Carpetright, is a popular choice.

Black tones

Black tones laminate Black tones laminate

For a more daring approach to interior design, you could think about installing black laminate flooring. If you are looking to create an ultra-modern, stylish living space then a black laminate floor is the perfect starting point; it creates a sense of depth in the room as well as offering an impressive backdrop to fixtures and fittings in dark shades. The Exquisa Ceramic Slate Black Laminate makes a real statement with a stone-effect look that boasts effortless class.

If you’re looking for the perfect laminate floor to complement your dark furniture then you’re sure to find the right one for you at Carpetright – so why not call us or visit Carpetright today and find the perfect laminate flooring for you?



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