We all know that Pantone (the world authority on colour) declared greenery to be the colour of 2017, but this sophisticated hue is set to stay for 2018 and beyond. From bold, intense shades to light and airy accessories, green is here to stay.

On the money

Saturn Carpet in Mint Saturn Carpet in Mint

Saturn carpet in Mint

Pastel greens paired with blush pinks and mint accents look stylish and serene, without becoming overly feminine or too sugary. Add bold accessories such as a statement cushion or an on-trend lamp to add a contrast and to introduce a modern touch.

Grown-up chic

Cabana Vinyl in Grey & Green Cabana Vinyl in Grey & Green

Cabana vinyl in Grey & Green

Sage green is just an instant classic — warm and classy, it creates a tranquil and relaxing ambience. We might even go as far as to say green is the new grey! Mix with splashes of navy and plenty of cream for that high-end, yet cosy feel.

Forest feeling

Westex carpet in Pine Westex carpet in Pine

Westex carpet in Pine

Nature has to be one of nature’s biggest inspirations, and the trend for bringing the outside in shows no signs of slowing down. Fans of the botanical trend have been reaching for their paint pots, with the more daring of them opting for deep, lush and bold greens. A green carpet really makes a statement in any room, with wicker basket details and cork accessories enhancing the scheme.

Botanical beauty

Marrakesh Berber carpet in Silver Large Square Marrakesh Berber carpet in Silver Large Square

Marrakesh Berber carpet in Silver Large Square

Crisp, fresh whites always look airy and modern. Throw in splashes of green to achieve that ‘bringing the outside in’ look — perfect for those of you who are green-fingered, or perhaps wish they were! If you really want to embrace the scheme, accessorise your room with real plants (or faux if the responsibility is too much) and keep the flooring classic and timeless. Add variation and texture by mixing different shades of green for an upmarket botanical theme.

Make your friends green with envy (we couldn’t resist) by introducing some of our key looks in to your home — watch our video below for inspiration galore!


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