Refresh your home with rugs and accessories

At Carpetright we know that there’s no need to spend a fortune (or a fortnight) giving your home a refresh. There are lots of simple and effective ways to liven up your living spaces without spending lots of time and money.

In our exclusive ‘One Room: Three Ways’ feature we share with you our top secrets to reinvigorating different rooms in your home using simple tricks and a little design know-how.

Our second instalment of this feature focusses on accessories and demonstrates how you can use rugs, soft furnishings and ornaments to great effect.

Home accessories are often overlooked but they play a key role in completing interior design trends. This final layer of furnishings can be used to coordinate colours, add texture and ultimately bring the whole scheme of the room together.

We’ve taken a living room featuring high quality Quattro 8 Imperial Oak Laminate Flooring, to show how you can create three different and distinctive looks instantly.

We’ve worked closely with renowned stylist, Diana Civil, to bring you three room sets that really show why you should consider using rugs, soft furnishings and ornaments in your living room.


Make an impact

Rugs offer a simple and affordable solution to making an instant impact in any room. A popular home interior accessory, the rug allows you to introduce colour, pattern, texture and warmth into your home with little effort.

In this living room set we have added a bold, blue geometric patterned rug. The Triangle Scandi rug is a perfect choice for those looking to bring the Geo-Scandi look to life. The Geo-Scandi trend combines graphic shapes with abstract designs to create simple outlines and cool colour combinations. This medium-sized rug has been used to lift and accentuate the laminate floor. The sofa and side tables have been dressed with cushions, lamps and ornaments which almost mirror the colour combinations used within the rug to great effect.

Take a subtle approach

Patterned rugs can be also used to achieve a more subtle effect. Choosing a rug with neutral colours and an intricate minimalist pattern will give your room a contemporary feel whilst still creating a focal point.

In this room set we have replaced the bold colours of the Triangle Scandi rug with the more subtle patterned finish of the Sloan Mountain Rug, in a smaller size. This quality woven rug has a diamond repeat geometric pattern and a dark grey finish which works well with the tonality of the entire room. The geometric patterning has been continued with the choice of cushions and ornaments placed around the room.

Soft furnishings

To successfully tie a room together consider the importance of soft furnishings. By reflecting the colours, patterns and textures of your rug in your choice of soft furnishings you can create a design which flows throughout the room.

Stylist, Diana Civil has carefully chosen the rug and soft furnishings within each room set so that they almost mirror each other. In this third room set the muted floral finish of the Paragon Floral rug has been combined with understated pastel coloured cushions and ornaments which give the room a light and airy feel.

To find the rugs and laminate flooring used in the room sets above and browse other products in our range, shop the Carpetright rug and laminate flooring collection now.


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