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As our daily lives become busier, nosier and more pressurised, the need for a safe sanctuary to call home has never been stronger. We desire more than ever for a home which reflects our own unique style, personality and way of life. At Carpetright we understand the importance that you place on your home. Experts in home flooring, our mission is to always make it easier for you to find the perfect floor for your room, style and budget.

Each season a new wave of inspirational styling is brought into the ever expanding world of interior design. Some designs look forward to an ultra-modern, futuristic lifestyle; while others hark back to bygone days from iconic decades like the 70s, bringing new twists to much-loved eras.

Keep up-to-date with each season’s new and exciting trends by exploring our extensive collection of articles and photography. They offer inspiration and advice on how you can realise your favourite interior trends and bring your dream home to life. Join us as we bring you the latest interior ideas, season by season, to help you re-imagine your living spaces.

Latest trends

Carpetright collaborates

It made perfect sense for us to team up with some of the biggest bloggers and home influencers to showcase our flooring throughout their homes.


The contemporary Kasbah trend offers a nod to far-flung places but without trying too hard.

Modern classics

The ‘Modern Classics’ trend offers sophistication and a respect for classic materials such as stone and marble but with an updated contemporary edge.

Punchy pattern

With the right print, a small, minimalist room that was previously uninviting can suddenly seem cosy, and a functional space can become fun.

Kids capers

With so many new child-friendly designs available, there’s no need to compromise on style.


Memphis is the hot trend of the moment, whilst it’s not for the faint-hearted, there’s something easily endearing about this 80s revisit.

Multi-functional spaces

As our cities continue to expand and more of us are living in smaller homes, it’s only natural that we demand more from our space.


Get ready to embrace the cosmos, as this trend is skyrocketing into our homes with heavenly results.

Generation rent

From easy-to-lay carpet tiles and laminates, to sofa beds and rugs, all are versatile enough to take with you when you move or get on the property ladder.

Relaxed coastal

Coastal is one of those cyclical trends that never goes out of style.

Monochrome magic

From carpets to hard flooring and rugs, you just can’t go wrong with black and white!

House Beautiful x Carpetright: The edit

To celebrate the third anniversary of the launch, we’ve compiled some of our favourite highlights from the range.

Make a statement with pattern

The patterned floor has made a comeback, and oh, what a comeback it is.

Shimmer and glimmer

Iridescence has been slowly creeping into the interiors world and this season it has taken its place with pride.

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New classic

Stylish and comfortable spaces filled with personality.

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Get confident with colour

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