Transform your home with colour

We’re on a mission to show you how transforming your home’s interior doesn’t have to be challenging, costly or time consuming. The first instalment of our exclusive ‘One Room: Three Ways’ feature demonstrates how a simple colour update of your flooring and soft furnishings can radically change your living room.

From chill out zone to social space, reading room to TV snug, our living rooms are different things to different family members. With a busy room like this a full makeover is not always possible, or necessary, but your lounge can certainly be refreshed by making small changes that deliver maximum impact.

So, if you still have a soft spot for your sofa but want to breathe life into this well-used family room, then stick with Carpetright and we’ll share the secret to decorating success.

Our experts at Carpetright and leading interior stylist, Diana Civil, all believe that to give your living room a new lease of life, its not always necessary to change absolutely everything. Discover below the design secrets and simple changes that have allowed us to create three very different looks in the living room.



Tired of that old carpet? Rip up the rule book (and your old floor) to inject a welcome burst of vibrancy and texture into your living room. Carpet is an ideal choice for living rooms because of it is soft and warm underfoot, and has sound-proofing qualities. Get the colour and texture of your new carpet right and this will become a solid base on which to build the rest of your room’s look.

In this instance we have paired soft grey tones with touches of lime green and yellow. The muted, cool classic grey carpet and carefully selected cushions introduce an important layer of texture into the room. The spectrum of green and yellow used across the room from the throw to the ornaments on the table and even the indoor plants on the floor tie the room together to achieve a calm and inviting setting.

Soft furnishings & ornaments

Accessories are a simple yet effective way to add colour and can be used to bring a room together. Layering cushions and throws on your sofa and chairs will add a pop of interest: carefully selected ornaments can have the same effect. Pictures and artwork hung on the walls of your living room again will give it personality, while indoor plants can help to create a relaxing atmosphere. Don’t want to replace your current flooring? Consider adding a rug to give your room an extra injection of colour.

In this room set we have replaced the grey carpet with a warmer option. A classic cream carpet gives the room a lift and lightens the space. This cream shade extends to the chairs, lamps and accessories used. A few carefully chosen pale pink cushions and ornaments add a dash of colour to what has now become a light, bright and airy space.

Working with colour

Changing the colour scheme of your living room is a great way to give it a brand new look. Colour is arguably the most distinctive way of updating a space and will give it personality: it can make a room look bigger or feel cosier, look dramatic or feel relaxing. To achieve a new look, make minor alterations to your living room by updating your flooring, soft furnishings and/or ornaments to match your new colour scheme. If you’re confident with colour then play around with contrasting tones to achieve a striking look.

Looking to really make an impact? Go bold with colour as we have with our final room set. Red carpet contrasts well against the grey walls and gives the room a sense of drama. Again cushions have been selected with a variety of textures and patterns to add interest. A cluster of red table ornaments finish the look.

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