Curves & Arches

Hard clinical edges are out, it’s all about embracing the curve. The Curves and Arches trend creates a cocooning home that’s playful and fun with its décor and accessories. Creating a sanctuary of interior joy, a desire for a cosy soft and happy home is made possible with curved architecture, furniture and accessories. Create a visual statement and a gorgeous luxe look with curved sofas, chairs, kitchen islands, headboards and all kinds of accessories.

No arched architecture? No problem! Create the illusion of an arch with paint or by hanging an arch shape mirror or wall art in a space. You can also add dimension and depth to a room with a pop of colour, curved furniture, home accessories and ornaments. Group together a selection of curved and arched accessories for an eye-catching sculptural display.

Lynmouth Twist carpet in Beaver

Lynmouth Twist carpet in Beaver


The elegant Lynmouth Twist carpet promises to inject an air of sophistication into your living spaces. Designed to be practical as well as stylish, this stain resistant carpet is ideal for high traffic rooms including the dining room, lounge and hallway.

Available in a variety of neutral tones making this carpet ideal for any space. Created with multi-strand yarn, this polypropylene modern carpet boasts a 10-year stain warranty and is easy to clean, making it a particularly good investment for families.


Premoda Style Venezo Fresh luxury vinyl


Express your personality with the wonderful look of the Premoda Style Venezo Fresh luxury vinyl. This terrazzo inspired luxury vinyl is the perfect addition to a stylish home, with a gorgeous light base colour and complementing specs of colour throughout.

On top of its gorgeous look, this flooring also has a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty and is extremely hard wearing and durable giving you peace of mind that this is a great investment into your interior.

Premoda Style Venezo Fresh Luxury Vinyl


Kahrs Rugged Groove Walnut wood flooring

Kahrs Rugged Groove Walnut wood flooring


Introduce a rich brown warmth into your home with the Kahrs Rugged Groove Walnut wood flooring. Enhanced with extra deep brushing, the stunning natural grain structure of the walnut wood is accentuated for a truly luxurious look.

The natural colouring of this walnut wood will change over time, gaining a more golden-brown style that will provide you with a floor that will transform over the years alongside your home.


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