Earth Tones

Rich, warm and comforting, Earth Tones are one of the biggest colour trends this season. The Earth Tones trend is all about a colour palette inspired by nature, giving a cosy, comforting and grounded feel to your home.

The versatile palette uses shades ranging from terracotta and brick tones, muted and muddy pinks to soft golden ochres. Using shades as bold blocks of colour with burnt oranges and browns, focussing on matte and muted finishes as well as creating a contemporary look with sculptural organic shapes will help you achieve this look.

Layer up on tactile texture – it can be smooth or highly decorated but opt for muted versions rather than shiny high gloss finishes. Accent with fresh greenery, dried flowers or seed pods to bring the outdoors in.

Ardent Saxony carpet in Rose

Ardent Saxony carpet in Rose


Enjoy the fabulous style of the Ardent Saxony Carpet from the sustainable People and Planet range. Oozing with an opulent feel, making your home feel snug and welcoming. With gorgeous pink tones, the Ardent Rose carpet will complement your home beautifully.

The Ardent Saxony Carpet is crafted from ECONYL® polyamide, a hard-wearing synthetic fibre which has a soft plush appearance yet can deal with the demands of everyday general wear. In particular, this range is built from recycled fishing nets, carpets and scraps of fabric for a more environmentally responsible option.


Mardi Gras 516 Evora vinyl


Bring a gorgeous Mediterranean vibe into your interior with the Mardi Gras 516 Evora Vinyl flooring. Its classic motif styled tile allows you to have the look of ceramic tiles without the chilly feel underfoot. Inspiring your home with the chic design of an Italian villa with its terracotta, blue and white hues. Embrace the look and bring the Earth Tones trend to life in your home.

Mardi Gras 516 Evora vinyl flooring


Natural Traditional Cork Flooring

People and Planet Natural Traditional cork flooring


Create a warm and inviting atmosphere in every room with the rich golden and brown shades running through each of the planks representing an authentic Cork pattern. People and Planet Natural Traditional Cork Flooring will provide a feeling of pure luxury in your living spaces.

Produced using 1mm of Cork as a primary layer with antibacterial protection, this floor supplies both warmth and comfort to the eye as well as allowing thermal and sound insulation. With brown and golden variations this natural Cork floor portrays an authentic wooden textured appearance.


Zeena Noce Classico Red Brown vinyl flooring


Introduce a classic wooden look into your home with the Zeena Noce Classico Red Brown Vinyl flooring. With a rich, red tinted brown tone to its colouring this vinyl flooring is sure to bring a sense of character to any space. Using a plank design that features natural knot and wood grain textures to give this a truly authentic look.

Zeena Noce Classico Red Brown vinyl flooring


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