Cosy winter rug trends

A carpet may be a long term investment but a rug can just be for winter!

Make the most of the handy portable rug when the weather gets colder to add extra winter warmth to your home. Use the rug to supplement your existing carpets, giving a deep and soft pile to scrunch your toes into.

Bedroom, living room or office; the rug can be put to use all over the house.


silver rug carpetright_0


Image shows Celebration Silver Rug

If you have laminate or wooden floors, a rug is a necessity in the cold. Choose something deep like a shaggy rug to compensate for the colder floor and give your room a modern look.


Grey Cobble carpet_0


Image shows Cobble Berber carpet

If your carpet is a dense or rugged texture, adding a rug can provide a cosy treat and a welcoming atmosphere for your feet. Throw rustic rugs around the living space for an extra traditional feel that’s perfect for traditional country-styled homes.


Rio Rust Dot Rug


Image shows Rio Rust Dot rug

Use a coloured rug to add intimacy and warmth to your bedroom. A red or orange rug provides a statement focal point and can be used to accentuate your festive décor.

Our huge range of rugs offers something for every occasion, with great resilience. Choose a daring design that you bring out only for winter or fall in love with a classic choice and keep it out all year round.

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