Flooring planning

When looking to lay new flooring in your home, you need to consider the best flooring option for the room. Some floor coverings are more suitable than others to be laid within different rooms. So, if you᾿re looking for a cosy new carpet or sleek and stylish laminate, be sure to read this fabulous flooring planning guide to point you in the right direction. Be sure to take advantage of our Carpetright Visualiser tool to see how a new floor could look in your room!




When planning which flooring to purchase it is ideal to think of the product suitability. The room usage will contribute to helping you decide on what flooring you think best suits your room. The level of footfall is something very important to consider, as some floorings are more hardwearing and durable than others.

For rooms that are wet, such as kitchens and bathrooms, it would be ideal to look at floorings that are water resistant. Children᾿s bedrooms or busy family rooms may mean you᾿re looking for flooring that is particularly stain resistant. Read on for our suggestions on suitability for each flooring style.

Laminate – perfect for busy family homes!


Laminate flooring is a cheaper alternative to real wood flooring – without the maintenance that is also required. With a huge array of styles and designs, laminate flooring is the ideal flooring option for various rooms.

Both hard wearing and durable, it is perfect for homes that experience lots of life. Particularly good for areas that are susceptible to spillages, it can easily be cleaned and mopped up. If damage occurs it is easier to replace planks of laminate flooring compared with the repair or replacement of sheet vinyl and carpet.

Many of our laminate flooring options are suitable for underfloor heating, keeping your family cosy during the winter months. To find out more on what makes laminate a great flooring option, take a look at our handy laminate buying guide.

Wood flooring – real wood veneers offering you ultimate hard flooring luxury!


Wood flooring is crafted from layers of timber board, topped with a real hardwood veneer, making it more stable than hardwood flooring. The veneer can range from 1mm to 5mm in thickness. Underneath this layer is several thinner layers of wood that are glued together creating a base that adds to its stability.

There are different veneers available to choose from; oak, walnut, beech and maple, along with differing finishes such as satin lacquer, matt lacquer and oiled. The natural look and feel ensures this flooring not only complements your room décor but also enhances it. You᾿ll be sure to find a wood flooring to suit your home interior and needs.

Most wood flooring comes with a manufacturer᾿s warranty making it a fabulous investment for your home. Some wood flooring can give you up to 25 years of wear! To find out more on how wood could bring timeless style to your home, take a look through the wood flooring buying guide.

Luxury vinyl – realistically replicating natural flooring types, perfect for busy homes!


Luxury vinyl tiles replicate a variety of floorings such as wood, ceramic and stone so authentically that you and your guests would struggle to tell them apart. You can achieve a luxurious look throughout your home. Boasting impressive stain and water resistant properties, luxury vinyl tiles are ideal to be placed throughout the home – including wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Hard wearing and super durable, you᾿d be pushed to cause damage to this flooring, perfect for households that experience regular hustle and bustle. However, should an area of flooring be damaged, it is much easier to replace just the damaged tiles creating a seamless finish versus repair or replacement of vinyl and carpet.

Easy to both clean and maintain, this flooring is a dream for busy family homes. To find out more about why you should choose luxury vinyl to be laid in your home, view our luxury vinyl buying guide.

Vinyl – perfect for wet areas of the home, ideal for kitchens, bathrooms & utility rooms!


Offering an endless array of colours, patterns and designs, you will be sure to find a vinyl flooring to truly enhance a room in your home. Working well with underfloor heating, it is perfect for keeping your feet toasty warm during the winter months. The cushioned effect of this flooring also brings added comfort underfoot.

We offer a broad array of vinyl here at Carpetright to accommodate different budgets, rooms and interior taste. Easy to both clean and maintain, this flooring is a fabulous solution for homes that see the comings and goings of busy family life. Many of our vinyl floorings are slip resistant and water resistant, making them a great option for wet areas of the home, particularly kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms.

View our vinyl buying guide to see why it would make a great addition to your home.

Wool carpet – hard wearing and luxurious, adding instant opulence to your bedroom or lounge


If you opt for a wool carpet, it is likely you᾿ll have a higher initial outlay. However, the soft natural fibres of a Wool carpet act as an insulator, keeping your energy bills lower by helping to keep your home cosy and warm during the winter and cool during the summer.

Easy to clean, wool carpets resist dirt making them the perfect selection not only for family households but also for households with pets. Hard wearing and durable, a wool carpet will be sure to last much longer, ensuring you truly get your money᾿s worth. Take a look at our range of wool carpets.

Polypropylene carpet – stain resistant, a blessing for family homes that experience lots of life!


Crafted from synthetic fibres, polypropylene carpets are affordable and super durable. Cleanable with a bleach mix if required, polypropylene carpets are perfect for lively family households, particularly those with children and pets!

For areas of the home that you know are likely to endure high levels of footfall, it is best to choose a better quality and heavier pile polypropylene carpet to minimise signs of wear. Boasting a fabulous colourfastness to light, this carpet type retains its colouring over time. Have a look at our range of polypropylene carpets.

Benefits of choosing a branded flooring


We host a large array of well-known brands here at Carpetright. Each brand has unique qualities and attributes. When looking to purchase a branded product, you are buying a quality product from a name that is well known and trusted. By offering such a broad variety of brands across categories we are able to provide you with greater choice on colour, pattern, design, comfort, material and quality to suit your taste. To find out a little more on each brand we list click the links below;