vinyl flooring buying guide

Our selection of vinyl flooring is seemingly endless, with designs ranging from wood to a stone effect, and everything in-between. Vinyl allows you to create any look you want, with hassle-free fitting and with very little on-going maintenance. We aim to make buying your new flooring easier by offering expert advice to guide you smoothly all the way through from browsing to installation. This buying guide will make it easier for you to find the perfect vinyl flooring.

why choose vinyl flooring?

why choose vinyl flooring? why choose vinyl flooring?

Also known as cushion flooring or lino flooring, vinyl will bring comfort and warmth to your home as well as amazing functionality. It works well with underfloor heating and your feet will thank you for the extra comfort it brings underfoot.

Interested? Read on for more reasons why we love vinyl flooring:

• Vinyl flooring is super hard-wearing and when it comes to maintenance and cleaning, it couldn’t be easier.

• It is the perfect flooring solution for busy family homes with lots of coming and going.

• It lasts for years.

At Carpetright we stock a diverse range of vinyl flooring to suit every budget, room and interior taste. We also have a great range of vinyl underlay and accessories to ensure that you get the best out of your new flooring and achieve the perfect finish.

To help you decide on the right vinyl flooring for your home, you can order up to four free samples of your favourite vinyls online and we will deliver them straight to your door within seven working days. That way you can see how each of your preferred vinyls will look in your chosen room and see which compliments your home. It’s just one of the ways that we make ordering new vinyl flooring easy.

how to choose vinyl by room

You may be surprised to learn that you have probably walked on vinyl flooring in homes and businesses many times firmly believing that it was real wood, laminate or stone. Vinyl is so realistic that guests to your home will never be able to tell the difference.

Room Guide - Bathroom Vinyl Room Guide - Bathroom Vinyl

Bathroom vinyl

Anti-slip, water resistant, easy to clean and stylish, transform your bathroom with vinyl.

Room Guide - Kitchen Vinyl Room Guide - Kitchen Vinyl

Kitchen vinyl

Like the bathroom, the kitchen is another obvious area where vinyl rules! Any spills can be quickly mopped up leaving no residue or staining, meaning your floor continues to look as good as new for years.

Room Guide - Lounge Vinyl Room Guide - Lounge Vinyl

Lounge vinyl

Vinyl flooring of today is thick, cushioned, comfortable underfoot and looks fantastic. With designs ranging from all kinds of wood to travertine style stone, there’s one to suit all tastes.

Room Guide - Bedroom Vinyl Room Guide - Bedroom Vinyl

Bedroom vinyl

Vinyl can be ideal for bedrooms and its practicality makes it perfect for a kid’s room. Any spills can be dealt with in no time and it is super comfortable to sit on to read or play.

Room Guide - Hall, Stairs and Landing Vinyl Room Guide - Hall, Stairs and Landing Vinyl

Hallway vinyl

The hallway and landing are high traffic areas which require hard-wearing flooring, so vinyl can work really well. Its easy clean properties also make it a great option for these busy areas within the home. However, sheet vinyl flooring is not recommended for stairs.

Room Guide - Dining Room Vinyl Room Guide - Dining Room Vinyl

Dining room vinyl

Whether you use your dining room for daily family meals or formal dinner parties, accidental spills will occasionally happen. Vinyl’s wipe-clean surface is the ideal choice with gorgeous designs to choose from and very little maintenance.

vinyl flooring styles

Due to the ever-improving process of vinyl printing, vinyl flooring comes in a huge array of designs and patterns – pretty much any design you fancy can be yours with each one being incredibly realistic. This wide variety of designs allows you the freedom to be creative in your home with colour and pattern. From wood to stone, mosaic to patterns, vinyl flooring is a great way to be creative with your home's interior whatever your style. Find out what effects are available in our vinyl flooring range below.

Wood Effect Vinyl Wood Effect Vinyl

Wood effect vinyl


Wood effect vinyl complete with knots and grain detailing is fantastically authentic. Available in any wood type you care to think of from a whitewashed finish or pale beech, to atmospheric dark walnut, in every wood shade, plank detail and finish. Some even have a textured surface creating even more realism, especially when walked on with bare feet. In fact, all wood effect vinyl flooring doesn’t have is the on-going maintenance of a real wood floor. 


Browse wood effect vinyl flooring

Plain Vinyl Plain Vinyl

Plain vinyl


Plain, single colour flooring can really make an impact in your home. Whether you choose a neutral shade like beige or cream for your floor, or decide to really pack a punch with a solid block of something bright like red or yellow, a plain vinyl will create a fabulous basis for your room and allow you to really make it your own. The combination of colour, practicality and affordability makes plain vinyl flooring a worthy investment for your home. 


Browse plain vinyl flooring

Patterned Effect Vinyl Patterned Effect Vinyl

Patterned vinyl


The term ‘patterned vinyl’ covers a multitude of designs and styles from zig-zags to stripes and everything in between. Jazz up a room with a funky geometric pattern or a colourful stripe. If you’ve always wanted to add a bit of pizazz to your living spaces, or wish to brighten up a kids’ bedroom with fun and practical flooring, there is bound to be a patterned vinyl to suit. Stylish and affordable, there’s bound to be a patterned vinyl that’s right for you. 


Browse patterned vinyl flooring

Tile Effect Vinyl Tile Effect Vinyl

Tile effect vinyl


A fantastic alternative to the real thing, tile effect vinyl will give the illusion of an expensive tiled floor. Always wanted a slate tiled floor, or to remember your holiday villa with terracotta tiling but it’s just out of your price range? In realistic designs including granite, marble, ceramic and slate tiles, this flooring will give you the effect you desire at a fraction of the cost. Plus, instead of cold hard tiles, this cushioned flooring will bring comfort to your toes and its insulating properties mean your home will be cosy and warm too. 


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Mosaic Effect Vinyl Mosaic Effect Vinyl

Mosaic effect vinyl


Have you always wanted the intricate designs on your floor that only mosaic tiles can create? Mosaic floor tiles can be expensive and installation can take a lot of time and money. As with other tiled floors, there are also practicalities to consider like ongoing maintenance, and the fact they are hard and cold to walk on. There are lots of designs of mosaic vinyl flooring available that will give you exactly the look you want as well as heat and sound insulation, all with little to no maintenance. 


Browse mosaic effect vinyl flooring

underlay & flooring accessories

Underlay is designed to protect your sub-floor and provide additional comfort and insulation beneath your flooring choice. While it is always recommended with laminate flooring and carpets, some vinyl flooring options may be suitable for use without underlay; depending on their thickness. Always check whether underlay is recommended for the vinyl product you are looking to buy.

A guide to underlay

We have underlay to suit every budget, room and flooring type. Click here to read about the importance of underlay!

A guide to accessories

Add the final touches to your room with flooring accessories. Read about what you need in order to achieve that faultless finish.

vinyl care & fitting guides

Fitting Guide: Vinyl Flooring

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Care Guide: Vinyl Flooring

Keep you new vinyl looking its best with handy tips on how to care for your floor.