kahrs flooring

Kahrs of Sweden only work with wood as they believe that it is the most eco-friendly, beautiful and versatile flooring material there is, and that while trends may come and go, true style and quality will never go out of fashion.

Kahrs has a history that dates back over 150 years and is the oldest wood floor manufacturer in the world, still in operation. With a history of wood flooring innovations that span decades, Kahrs was the first company in the world to patent a multi-layer wood floor which they did in 1941, and to introduce a water-based lacquer system in 1984.

It began in 1857 with Kahrs crafting wooden utility goods in a shop set up in Nybro, Sweden. In 1919 the company moved on to develop and produce wooden doors, toys, furniture and flooring. Gustaf Kahr, grandson of the company founder was dedicated to find efficient ways to use sustainable wood as a raw material and to improve the stability of wood when used in the building industry. Later, Gustaf concentrated on finding a solution for the problem of gapping, twisting and cupping of solid wood floors.

In 1941 Kahrs was awarded a patent for the invention of the multi-layer floor; today’s engineered wood flooring.


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