Wood flooring buying guide

As the closest thing to solid wood flooring, engineered wood will bring you a beautiful high-end finish and a luxurious feel underfoot. Suitable for all around the home, engineered wood is available in a wide array of wood species and shades, meaning it is complementary to pretty much all colour schemes and interior styles. Engineered wood flooring will give your home a classic finish that will last for years and will survive all inevitable redecorating!

We’ve compiled a handy guide, below, on how to choose the perfect flooring for your home.

Wood flooring by room



Your living room will be transformed with the introduction of a beautiful engineered wood floor and is the perfect room to show it off. Hard-wearing and luxurious, why would you not want this flooring in your lounge?

How is wood flooring constructed?

Engineered wood flooring is constructed from layers of timber boards, topped with a real hardwood veneer, making it more stable than real wood. This top layer of veneer can be made from any one of many different types of wood and is what gives it its look.

The veneer layer needs to be tough to withstand the traffic from a busy residence and it’s the thickness of this layer that denotes its durability. The thickness of this veneer layer can range from 1mm to 5mm in thickness. Underneath the veneer are several more layers of thinner wood which are glued together to create a base which further increases stability, making them less prone to movement caused by humidity, than solid board flooring.

Our Engineered Wood range from Kahrs is contructed from renewable and recyclable oak grown in Sweden, whose whole approach revolves around sustainability and green production. This makes our engineered wood floors some of the most environmentally friendly around.

Wood flooring materials

Engineered wood is created from different types of hardwood such as oak, ash or maple, with designs varying from single strips to two or three strips – and that’s before we mention the edging options! With so much choice out there, you are sure to find your dream engineered wood flooring.

Oak wood flooring


Solid oak is one of the most sought after and expensive materials for flooring. With engineered oak flooring, you can enjoy the gorgeous opulence of oak without the hefty price tag of solid wood. The classic finish achieved with oak is second to none and there are lots of shades and variations to choose from, meaning oak will suit any home. 


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Maple wood flooring


Like beech, maple is light in colour and features all the grain and knot detailing that you would normally expect from solid wood. Engineered maple wood flooring will give your home a natural feel and will add a neutral base to any room, meaning you can decorate and restyle with greater ease and freedom regarding colour choice and design. 


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Ash wood flooring


Ash engineered wood flooring gives a beautifully dark, atmospheric feel to any space. With engineered ash, you get all the beauty and ambience of solid wood, without breaking the bank and minus the worry of ongoing maintenance.


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Wood flooring finishes

Once you’ve decided on the best wood material for your home it’s time to consider the look you want to create. There are three main engineered wood surface finishes to choose from which all will give your flooring a unique and characterful appearance. Discover the right finish for your home below.

Satin lacquer


Satin lacquer will give your engineered wood floor a beautiful and slightly glossy surface that is smooth and low maintenance. Lacquer makes engineered wood flooring more resistant to splashes and scratches and slows the natural colour-changing effects from sunlight. 


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Matt lacquer


Like satin lacquer, matt lacquer offers more resistance to scratches, splashes and sunlight, but gives engineered wood a very similar finish to oil or wax. 


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The most traditional way to finish wood flooring, oil gives a classically natural finish. Oil will need to be reapplied more often than lacquer and doesn’t offer the same level of protection. 


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