The People and Planet collection has a goal to help you lower your carbon footprint on the wonderful world we live in. We’re continuously looking for the most sustainable materials to lower our impact on the environment.

The collection features a broad range of carpets, underlay, and cork flooring, all of which are sourced carefully to ensure they are sustainably and responsibly made.

Shop our collection of quality sustainable carpets that are made from planet friendly materials like fabric scraps, recycled fishing nets, recycled plastic bottles or pure sustainable wool.

We’re passionate about finding the most eco-friendly flooring. Our hard flooring range is growing but you can explore our cork flooring ranges today.



Choose from our People and Planet collection of quality sustainable carpets. Some are made from planet-friendly materials like recycled fishing nets, fabric scraps, pure sustainable wool and recycled plastic bottles – and all feel as good underfoot, as they do for the planet.

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Explore our Cork flooring ranges, it’s the perfect environmentally friendly material and the ideal sustainable floorcovering. This noble, biodegradable and fully recyclable material is light, resilient and boasts great sound and thermal insulation. Plus, it’s warm and pleasant to the touch.

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Providing the most sustainable underlay option for your flooring, our Evergreen underlay is made from 98% recycled materials including recycled polyurethane foam and ethically sourced responsibly farmed sugar cane. On top of this, the manufacturer belongs to the Ethical Trading Initiative, a body promoting respect for worker’s rights, security and safety.

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