Cost of Artificial grass

How much does artificial grass installation cost?

In this article we will be breaking down the cost of installing and maintaining artificial grass when compared to real grass.

Bear in mind that there are various factors that can affect costs. For example, unusual shapes and lawns could cost more because of expensive off-cuts, and strangely enough, having a smaller garden might also end up costing more! Going for a cheap artificial grass might help to keep costs down, although this may mean you compromise on the look.

What do I need to think about when I want to install artificial grass?

You’ll need to fit your artificial grass on a mesh or membrane, which will stop weeds growing up through your lawn. Similarly, you will need to ensure that your turf has proper drainage, as otherwise it will sit in pools on the surface.

How much to install artificial grass?

hire a professional artificial grass fitter

Hiring a professional

There are many perks to hiring a professional to fit your artificial grass. A professional will have all of the necessary equipment, such as vibrating plate compactors, turf cutters and other smaller tools.

Average UK cost of a professional installing artificial grass:

  • £60-£75 per square metre

Surface Artifical Grass Cost Installation cost/m2 Total Time
40m2 £599.60 £2400 - £3000 £2999.60 - £3599.60 1 day
50m2 £749.50 £3000-£3750 £3749.5 - £4499.50 1day
100m2 £1499 £6000-£7500 £7499 - £8999 2 - 3 days

The average artificial grass fitting job is approximately 40sqm according to Elwin van der Stouw, Commerical Manager of Landscaping from our suppliers Condor Grass.

The minimum fitting time would be one day, but if your garden is as large as 100sqm, then be prepared for fitting to take around three days.

how to fit artificial grass DIY

Do it yourself

If you would prefer to try and save the money and lay the artificial grass yourself then it is important to consider all of the additional costs of buying or hiring the equipment – sit down and work out if it is actually going to be cheaper.

Equipment you need to fit artificial grass yourself:

Tools Price From
Spade £6.99
Shovel £3.90
Turf cutter £97
Lawn mower £98 a day
Wheelbarrow £4.99
Compaction tools £29.99 each
Turntable truck £44.99 each
Skip £200
Sand spreader £450
Total £935.86

If you are considering installing your artificial grass yourself, then for a garden of 40 square meters, the cost will be :

which is a total of £1535.46.You will be saving about £864 by not hiring a professional. Nevertheless, bigger is your garden and more you will save as a professional fitter will charge you by square meter.

Top tip: don’t forget your knee pads and gloves! Prices from National tool hire shops for weekly hire

Natural grass vs Artificial grass maintenance

Cost of Natural grass vs Artificial grass

Natural grass

  • Watering once a week cost £390 a year for a 100 square meter garden
      A lawn of 100 square meter uses 2.5 Cubic meters of water, each time is watered
      1 cubic metre equals 1,000 litres of water, and this costs around £3
  • Fertilising around £25 a bag for a year.
      Nevertheless, most lawns will grow fairly well in the UK without needing the application of a lawn fertiliser
  • Lawn mower one-off cost of £200 on average + petrol

Artificial grass

There is no maintenance for artificial grass once it has been installed in your garden

Will artificial grass for your garden save you money?

Although artificial grass will include an upfront cost, the product will eventually pay for itself:

  • No need to water the grass
  • No more paying for maintenance
  • You won’t have to buy fertilizers
  • No need to buy pesticides
  • Lawn mowers no longer needed
  • Good quality artificial grass should last between 15-20 years

Advantages and disadvantages of artificial grass

Advantages disadvantages
A great low-maintenance alternative to natural grass, save water Can be expensive; upfront costs of buying and installing
Hard-wearing, long-lasting and fade-resistant Won’t feel as nice as real grass in the summer
Safe, hygienic and easy-to-clean, perfect for busy families and pet owners Rainwater can sometimes end up sitting on the grass
No more pesticides which can be dangerous for the environment Some might find the sweeping of debris annoying
Save money, time and effort: no more back issues The most expensive grass will probably last a maximum of 25 years
Realistic-looking and soft underfoot – even cheap artificial grass looks a lot more realistic than it used to! Keen gardeners will probably prefer natural grass
No more allergies and hayfever

How long will artificial grass last?

On average, artificial grass should last up to 20 – 25 years, although it will depend on the volume of traffic in the area. Your artificial grass won’t fade or flatten, as it resists dirt and UV rays effectively. Keep your artificial grass looking its best by lightly brushing your grass once a week to get rid of any leaves or twigs, clear up any spillage immediately so they don’t stain and apply weed killer twice a year to the whole area to prevent weeds growing.

Tempted to install artificial grass yourself? We have a handy artificial grass guide here!