Frequently asked questions about carpets

What are the different types of carpet fibres?

Here at Carpetright we stock carpets from the following fibres:

  • Wool: Fabulous resilience to soiling, stains and flammability. Long lasting, easy to maintain and also provides natural insulation for winter months. Many of our wool carpets are often a blend with manmade fibres adding both durability and strength.
  • Polypropylene: Ideal for busy households, polypropylene carpets boast fabulous stain resistant properties, cleanable with a diluted bleach solution. A hardwearing manmade carpet fibre that resists fading and above all is affordable.
  • Nylon/Polyamide: Hardest wearing synthetic fibre that has a longer lasting appearance, usually the fibre used for bold colours.

At what time do fitters start?

The independent flooring fitters can start from 8am. The fitters may call the customer the night before to arrange an arrival time if the property hasn’t been lived in, or if the customer has a long drive to the property. 

In other circumstances, we ask the independent flooring fitters to call our customers in the morning to give an estimated time of arrival. All independent flooring fitters are assessed to British Standards 5325 2017.

Is carpet practical for the bathroom?

Carpet for the bathroom really falls down to personal preference. There are many reasons both for and against! If you do opt for carpet in the bathroom, then it is advised that you choose a bathroom carpet, fit for purpose, designed specifically to suit the requirements of this room. Here at Carpetright our Ocean carpet collection is a practical carpet that has been specifically designed for safe use in the bathroom. The waterproof backing makes the carpet more water resistant and avoids damage to your subfloor.

To learn more on the pro’s and con’s of installing a carpet in your bathroom, click here.

What carpet is best for heavy traffic?

It is important for you to take in to account properties of each carpet whilst shopping. You should look at the thickness, resilience and material of the carpet. It is ideal to opt for a darker coloured carpet for areas that are likely to endure high levels of footfall. Carpets made from Polypropylene, Polyamide and Wool are all super hardwearing and durable.

Underlay is another factor that should also be considered, good quality underlay can prolong the life of your carpet, whilst also ensuring even wear.

Watch our home expert Lucy Alexander give advice on carpets and underlay in high traffic areas.

Whats the difference between branded carpet and non-branded carpet?

Each brand that we sell here at Carpetright has unique attributes. When you purchase a branded carpet you are essentially buying a quality product, from a brand that is well known and trusted. By offering an array of brands we are able to provide you with greater choice of colour, pattern, material and quality to suit your taste and budget. The current brands under our portfolio are:

When does carpet need to be replaced?

Maintenance of your carpet can extend its life, however carpet that endures high levels of footfall will inevitably need replacing at some point. Some signs that your carpet needs replacing can be seen below:

  • Stains
  • Wear and tear
  • Uneven and wrinkling
  • Increase in allergy symptoms

How do I measure my stairs for carpet?

Preparation is key and measuring the area of flooring required for stairs holds great importance. Measure the height and depth of each stair to give you the length before multiplying by the width. Measure up twice, plus remember to add an extra 10% for waste and margin of error – Stair cases can be difficult.

For accurate measurements why not book a free no obligation home consultation? Our experts will provide you with measurements, guidance and advice. Book your appointment online today.

What is normal wear and tear for my carpet?

Over time your carpet is likely to show signs of general wear.

It is important to choose the right style of carpet for your requirements to ensure longevity. We recommend you purchase new underlay when buying a new carpet, it can prolong the life of your carpet by up to 40%.

Saxony carpets: it is normal to see slight pile reversal, this naturally occurs with daily use and weekly vacuuming. It should however still retain its luxurious shaggy pile and opulent appearance.

Loop pile carpets within high traffic areas can suffer from flattening of the pile. However, its fabulous stain and dirt resistant properties ensure that it looks great over time.

Polyamide carpets can withstand high levels of traffic with very little impact. The manmade fibres are super resilient and hold their colouring well.

To read more on this topic, consult our article about fitting carpets.

You can see footprints on my carpet, is it faulty?

Your carpet may show footprints or compression marks if the pile of the carpet has been disturbed. Carpets with a deep pile will inevitably bend during use. The colour of the pile will have a different appearance on the side to that seen end on.

During use, the pile of the carpet will be randomly disturbed. Light and dark patches will be visible depending on the angle of the pile in relation to where you are situated within the room. This is most typical of a deep pile Saxony carpet.

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