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Polyurethane Underlay


Most of the underlay sold used to be made from rubber. This has been overtaken by polyurethane – usually called “PU”. It’s made from offcuts or from foam that’s been recycled. What’s great about PU is that it comes in different thicknesses and densities to suit all floors and budgets. It’s a great all rounder.

Sponge Rubber Underlay

Sponge Rubber

Sponge rubber underlay is still popular although nowadays it’s made from synthetic rather than natural rubber. It can give a really luxurious and comfortable feel. Available in various thicknesses this underlay is great for use all around the home. Choose a super thick version to bring comfort and luxury to your lounge or master bedroom. Guaranteed for the lifetime of the carpet.

If you have underfloor heating you need to consider the tog rating of your underlay. Just like when you are choosing a quilt, the tog rating measures how easily heat can pass though. We have a special underlay with a low tog rating designed for use with underfloor heating.

Crumb rubber Underlay

Crumb rubber

This underlay is dense and durable and ideal for use all around the home including areas that have to cope with lots of traffic like the hall, stairs and landing.

Every square metre of underlay contains at least one car tyre! It’s the number one choice for heavy wear areas and best for maintaining the look of your new carpet. Guaranteed for the lifetime of the carpet.

Felt/Crumb Rubber Combination Underlay

Felt/Crumb Rubber Combination

This underlay combines the comfort of felt with the resilience of crumb rubber with every square metre of rubber containing at least one car tyre! It’s excellent for both sound and heat insulation and perfect for use in all rooms. It’s suitable for use with woven Axminster and Wilton carpets.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Underlay

Luxury Vinyl Tile

This underlay made specifically for use with luxury vinyl tiles is constructed from dense rubber. The top side is slightly tacky which helps to prevent the tiles from slipping when they’re installed. Perfect for use with underfloor heating, this underlay improves sound insulation reducing in-room noise by up to 30%.

Stepshield Underlay


This moisture proof underlay also provides great sound insulation and is designed specifically for use with laminate or wood flooring. Made from foam, this easy to install underlay will help to cover minor sub-floor irregularities of up to 1.5mm and is suitable for general domestic use.

Timbersafe Underlay


This underlay for wood and laminate flooring is constructed from a highly dense, heavy-duty synthetic rubber and has a fleece backing that provides extra stability and insulation. With its exceptional resistance to compression, this underlay reduces any risk of flexing making your wood flooring joints super secure, even if you’re using super heavy furniture. Suitable for heavy domestic use around the home.

Low Thermal Resistance Underlay

Low thermal resistance

Perfect for use with underfloor heating, Heatflow underlays are made from rubber with a low tog rating. This enables heat to flow freely through them into the room increasing energy efficiency and reducing bills. This underlay is available in two types for either carpet or wood flooring and is great for sound insulating too.

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