How to keep carpets clean with pets

A pet can make a house a home. Whether it’s a dog, a cat, or any other pet, there’s no doubt that having these animals in our houses really help make them feel complete. The only problem is that they can be very messy. With shedding hair, accidents, wear and tear from run-ning or scratching, there’s a lot to consider when keeping your home clean with pets. So, we've got you covered whether you want to know how to get dog hair out of the carpet or just need ideas for the best pet hair remover. Our guide will give you insight from the decision on carpets to tools, and even advise when it’s time to call the professionals – because the last thing you want after getting that new carpet installed is for it to be a hassle to maintain, right?

Choosing your carpet

First things first: You want to have a carpet that’s best suited to having pets. Some types are simply better for this due to durability, as if your pet is prone to running about then you want to prevent your carpets from being worn down. There are other factors too, such as how to get the dog hair out of the carpet – though this can be dog, cat, rabbit, or any other pet hair too! Plus, with the potential for accidents to happen, you want something that can be cleaned easily and doesn’t stain.

The key features to look for, then, are the weave, the material and the colour of the carpet. When it comes to weaves, having shorter threads or a cut pile carpet can help immensely. The California Dreams Carpet, for instance, would fit the bill. Longer, more plush carpets are super comfortable but much harder to hoover up hair from and take a lot more scrubbing to get clean if something gets on it. Whether it be number 1 or 2, you want to spend as little time as possible getting it out of the carpet and out of your mind.

Colour and material are also areas to think about. Darker tones tend to hide issues better, and if you know your pet dog is accident-prone, it could be worth investing in this from the get-go. Another option could be a darker patterned carpet to keep things interesting without losing that upside. Finally, when it comes to materials, you want something hardy and stain-resistant. We all love a wool carpet, but if you have dogs or other animals that come and go from the outside in, this may not be a good call. Wool takes a bit more work to maintain, as it sows more stains and tangles with hair. A nylon-based carpet, meanwhile, would resist stains and be easier to brush out.


Good carpet options:


Bad carpet options:

  • Wool
  • Loop pile, mixed cut-and-loop or Berber pile carpet weaves
  • Light colours

Getting the tools for the task

The next step in keeping your carpet clean, once you’ve chosen it and had it installed, is to invest in the right tools for the job. Getting hair out of carpet can take forever and be a tedious task. Thankfully, there are some good items you can use to speed up this process, from rubber gloves to carpet rakes! We’ve listed a few examples below, and how you can best use them as a pet hair remover for carpet all over your home.


Wet rubber gloves

We’ve all seen how static electricity attracts hair to balloons, right? The same principle applies here when we use a dry rubber glove. But when we want one of the best pet hair remover options in the carpet world, a wet glove works wonders. It won’t get deep set hairs out, but if your pet is shedding, this is great for clearing the top level of your carpets and other furniture.


Lint rollers

These work similarly to the wet rubber gloves, except that cleanup is a lot easier. Instead of wiping the hair off the gloves, you can simply peel away the hairy layer from your lint roller.


Carpet rake

Best suited for getting those deep, embedded hairs out, a carpet rake is a cheap option that can have some great results. You’ll want to get one specifically made for animal hair for best results, as they tend to have longer handles and thinner bristles, perfect for weeding through your carpet weave and grabbing as much of that dog hair that’s buried deep inside out. You may be surprised how much this can do for you!


Pet-specific vacuum

Sometimes we need to get heavy duty and invest a little more money into a proper vacuum for the job. Pet-specific models tend to cost a little more than standard hoovers, but the results speak for themselves in return. You may be able to only hoover from now on to get the worst of the hair out, and only have to do spot treatments for the most high-impacted areas.


Handling stains and spills

Accidents happen. Whether it be a water bowl spilt onto a carpet, a food bowl tipped up, or your pet dog not quite making it outside for a bathroom break, there will come a time when your pet will be the source of some sort of spill. Acting quickly should help, but sometimes stains are inevitable. We have a carpet care guide you can look at for some more in-depth tips, but if you can catch the issue while fresh, there are a few more options available for you.

Two of the most commonly used items to soak up smells and clean up spills are baking soda and fabric softener. The former, baking soda, needs only a sprinkle over a wet patch, followed by a hoovering up after it has dried up. It’s a classic household solution to problems with stubborn stains and smells. Just make sure not to overuse it, as it can cause clumpy buildup if you do. The latter, fabric softener, needs to be lightly sprayed across the affected area and then scrubbed a little. After this, leave to dry and vacuum. This also has the benefit of relaxing the fibres in the carpet, making it easier to get more hair out.

Calling in professional help

Finally, if all else fails, the professionals are there to help. There are many companies that specialise in carpet cleaning for homes with pets, and they have the tools and experience to leave your carpet looking – and smelling – fresh as a daisy. With an average cleaning time of 20 minutes per room, it isn’t too big of a time sink either and frees you up to do other things while they handle the harder work.

In the end, if you’re interested in getting a new carpet, you don’t have to be afraid whether pets will mess it up. We at Carpetright know just how much your furry family members mean to you and can help you find the perfect carpet for your home. Knowing that you can have a stylish and well-maintained carpet without fussing over the details is what we do best, leaving you with more time to set up those dog beds and cat trees. With a little bit of effort, your carpets will be looking great for years to come.

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