Rug buying guide

As a leading UK supplier of home flooring, our expertise goes a lot further than carpets. We ensure our knowledge expands to all other flooring options, as well as those extra bits and pieces that make your living spaces pop; the most effective of these being rugs. But what kind of rugs are out there and what is going to suit your home interior? With the help of our experts we have created this guide to help you make sure you get the rug you need.

Rug designs

Plain rugs

Simple and timeless, a pattern-less design is versatile and will complement any room or decorative scheme in the home.

How to choose a rug by room

Rugs are an affordable and effective way of transforming a room within your home. The right rug can add warmth and comfort to your lounge, protect your floor in the dining room, and can even be used in open planned home's to define and divide spaces. Rugs are commonplace in our home's because they provide that instant wow factor and are versatile. Find the right rug for your home by using our room guide below.

Living room rug ideas


Rugs are commonly used in living rooms because they add an extra layer of warmth to this relaxing space. Shaggy, deep pile rugs offer that cosy, sink-in feeling and add texture to the floor. Any rug can be used in this room to add definition or to frame a piece of furniture such as your coffee table.

Bedroom rug ideas


Much like the lounge, the bedroom is also a great space for a rug. You likely spend time in this room barefoot; therefore consider choosing a shaggy, deep pile rug which will feel indulgent underfoot. A soft and warm rug will make getting out of bed that little bit easier, especially on chilly mornings.

Dining room rug ideas


Bold modern patterns and colours can really set off your dining room and a rug is a simple and effective way of transforming your dining room. It may be wise to steer clear of shaggy, deep pile rugs in this room where staining and crumbs are likely as a rug with a shorter pile will be easier to clean and maintain.

Hall & landing rug ideas


Transform your hall and landing into inviting spaces with a small or medium sized rug. Runners are also a popular choice! These areas of the home are often neglected, yet an injection of colour and comfort from a rug can make all the difference. Make sure when measuring for a rug you consider entrances and doorways and never place rugs near the top of stairs.

Conservatory rug ideas


Conservatory floors can sometimes feel cold and hard. Place a rug into this space and it will instantly be transformed. Not only will it add a layer of warmth and comfort, but it will also add interest. Most surprisingly there are also rugs available which can be used outdoors; transform your patio or decking with an easy-clean outdoor rug.

Kitchen rug ideas


Much like the dining room, the kitchen is an area of the home where moisture, staining and crumbs are often present. However the right rug can really lift this room and add a layer of warmth to the floor which is most likely going to be laminate, vinyl or stone. Choose a rug which is easy to clean and has a short pile.

Rug care and inspiration