The Sustainable Home

The Sustainable Home trend allows you to decorate your home in a way that benefits the environment and creates a beautifully curated space – it’s a lifestyle change for a more planet friendly home. Choose eco-friendly flooring made from recycled materials, such as fishing nets, recycled plastics and sustainable wool or cork to help achieve this trend. Eco-friendly wall finishes make a great décor choice – Limewash is made from natural clays and pigments, clay plaster and eco paints are non-toxic, vegan and VOC (volatile organic compounds) free.

Invest in long-lasting design rather than fast fashion – be inspired by trends, not led by them. Shop mindfully, repurpose, reuse or upcycle existing items and buy local and handmade items, if possible, as this cuts down on carbon emissions whilst helping your local economy. Adding houseplants also breathes life into your space (as well as oxygen) for a simple way to boost your green!

Impressive Patina Classic Oak Grey Laminate

Impressive Patina Classic Oak Grey laminate


Give your home a whole new lease of life with the introduction of the Impressive Patina Classic Oak Grey Laminate. With its gorgeous light grey colouring and grain and knot patterning, it will be sure to make your home feel spacious and bright wherever it is laid.

Beautifully detailed with a natural oak look, this laminate flooring is hardwearing and easy to clean. The texture of each plank is created through a technique of registered embossing, making the feel of the indentations match the wooden design below.


People and Planet Natural Desert Cream Cork Flooring


Unleash design in your living space with our extraordinary People and Planet Natural Desert Cream Cork Flooring. The cool-neutral tones running through the planks provide a sense of relaxation through its carefully engineered unique pattern formed by the Cork oak tree it was cut from. Simplistic, minimalistic yet impactful, the delightful single plank focuses on the unique pattern the Cork oak tree provides while also putting a contemporary spin on any living space.

The cool-toned natural Cork decorative veneer is ideal for the kitchen, hallway, bathroom, lounge or bedroom.

Harvested carefully using Cork oak tree remains, this stunning floor is designed to withstand general domestic use and has a protective super matt finish shielding from everyday wear and tear.

People and Planet Natural Desert Cream cork flooring


Origin Saxony carpet in Mink

Origin Saxony carpet in Mink


Sink your toes into the luxury of the Origin Saxony Carpet from the environmentally responsible People and Planet range. With a beautifully dense and plush pile that you'll love, this is offered in a range of trend to neutral tones making it a fabulous match for your home. Bringing a cosy and snug feel to any space.

Made from 100% polyamide fibres, this carpet is durable and resilient, making it a perfect fit for a bedroom, lounge or hall, stairs and landing. Offering your home a mixture of both comfort and practicality. Hardwearing but soft to the touch, this makes for a wonderful addition to your spaces with a plush feeling.


Rye Twist carpet in Norfolk Horn Heather


The Rye Twist Carpet is a hard-wearing and luxurious carpet featuring on-trend neutral shades that will bring a fabulous texture and style to your home. Its twist pile ensures that this will look great wherever you choose to add it to your interior.

Constructed from 100%, pure undyed wool, this range benefits from many of the natural qualities that wool offers. From being a great insulator, making it cool during the summer months but warm and cosy throughout the winter, for the best of both worlds.

Rye Twist carpet in Norfolk Horn Heather


Capture Brushed Oak Grey laminate flooring

Capture Brushed Oak Grey laminate flooring


Add a modern feel to your interior with the Capture Brushed Oak Grey Laminate flooring. The grey tones provide a chic look that is ideal for any contemporary styled home, giving you the freedom to design around this neutral but beautiful flooring. Edged with 4V grooves to give the look of individual planks once laid and with the realistic, registered embossed knot and grain details this really is a fantastic alternative to real wood.


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