What is Berber Carpet?

Named after the North African tribe who originally created them, traditional Berber carpets were once hand spun with natural fibres. Today, they are made a little differently, but they still offer the same luxury comfort and hardwearing practicality that we need. Steeped in history dating back to the Palaeolithic era, Berber carpets continue to add a touch of style to our homes as one of the bestselling loop carpets around.

What is a Berber carpet made of?

A Berber carpet is made from parallel lengths of rugged looped pile that is cut short to give a wonderfully dense, cushioned weave. Choose from pure wool, nylon, olefin (polypropylene) or polyester in a rich selection of colours with a natural fleck.

Nordic berber carpet

Reasons to choose a Berber Carpets

If you’re looking for a carpet that’s durable, stain resistant and offers great value for money whilst still looking stylish then a Berber carpet is ideal. It feels great beneath your feet and comes with a whole host of benefits; both aesthetic and functional.

A Berber style carpet boasts benefits in abundance, whether it is chosen for its versatility, competitive price range or durability. Whatever has drawn you to this style of carpet, you can be sure that with a Berber carpet, you will get a fantastic look throughout your home.

Whatever your existing interior design or colour scheme, there will be a Berber carpet to suit, coming in a wealth of charming patterns and textures, this carpet will always add a high end feel and comfort to any home. Berber is available in combinations of two tone neutral shades which are always popular as these muted tones work well together and complement pretty much any room imaginable. This makes it easier to apply those elegant finishing touches to your home interior, helping you create a modern and cosy look packed full of comfort

berber carpet

A textured Berber carpet could prove to be the answer to all those accidental spillages and mishaps that can happen in homes with young children or pets. The distinctive texture is acclaimed for being hard-wearing with the ability to protect from indentations caused by heavy furniture, so is a popular choice with young families. The polypropylene Berber also has incredibly handy stain-resistant qualities. Berber carpets only require minimal maintenance and can be easily cleaned.

As a beautifully constructed loop carpet, Berber carpets are ideal for all rooms in the home. Their hardwearing durability makes them particularly popular in busy areas such as home offices, playrooms, entrances or hallways and as these carpets don’t often have waterproofed backing they are not often recommended in kitchens or bathrooms. Corridors, landings and stairs are all ideal for Berber carpet to be fitted in.

With all these complementary characteristics you would expect Berber carpets to be pricey, but these tasteful, practical and often luxurious carpets are actually surprisingly affordable. Available in an array of timeless colours and textures including cobble and squared effect to suit any design desires, a Berber carpet is a fantastic way to transform your entire home without breaking the bank.

As they stand up well to muddy footprints and heavy use, Berber carpets are great for families, but they may not be the best option for those with pets. This is because they are a loop pile carpet and these loops can become easily damaged or ripped by pet claws. If you have pets then we would recommend one of our cut pile carpets instead, such as a Saxony carpet.