Get started with the Carpetright flooring visualiser

Create your dream room with the Carpetright flooring visualiser. 

Ever wondered how that dreamy flooring you’ve been eyeing would look in your actual home, as opposed to in a showroom or on our website? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you.

A few clicks with our flooring visualiser will show you exactly what your chosen product will look like in a variety of rooms, or you can even upload a picture of your own home to see if it’s a perfect fit.

Visualiser demonstration

How to use the Carpetright visualiser

Step 1


Decide whether to use one of the rooms preloaded into the visualiser, or a photo of your own.

Thanks to a genius piece of technology, our visualiser will detect the flooring in the pictures you upload. Good, eh?

Step 2


On the left you will see a selection of beautiful flooring to choose from! The handy filters make it easy to find exactly what you want.

Click the heart in the top right corner of a product swatch to add it to your favourites. It’s then super easy to jump back to products you’ve previously viewed, making comparison a breeze!

Step 3


You’ll see your chosen product appear on the floor in the room you’ve chosen or uploaded, and there is a handy link to the product page at the top right of the screen for easy reference.

You aren’t stuck with one configuration, either. Use our rotate surface button at the top to change the direction the floor is laid, which can make a surprising amount of difference with patterned flooring and planks.

Step 4


The menu on the right holds even more features! If you find a product you love the look of and know how much you need, you can add it straight to your shopping cart.

If you're unsure of your room measurements, you can book a home measure, and one of our friendly colleagues will visit your home and measure up for you.

The menu also makes it easy to book an appointment at your local Carpetright store, to take the next steps in transforming your home.

Step 5


The menu on the right of the screen also allows you to share and save your flooring in lots of different ways.

You can copy a link to share it or share with someone via Facebook.

You also have the option of sharing your new flooring via email or downloading a copy of the image to keep.