Carpetright FAQs Vinyl Flooring

How do I lay vinyl flooring?

At Carpetright we advise using a professional flooring fitter in order to achieve the best finish for your chosen vinyl flooring. Our fitters are approved by Which? Trusted Traders, they will ensure you get the perfect fit and finish. However, if you’d like to try fitting vinyl flooring yourself, we’ve put together a vinyl flooring guide with expert hints and tips to help you along the way.

Which flooring is best for me, Vinyl or Lino?

There is confusion surrounding whether or not vinyl and lino are the same thing. The core difference between the two is the material that makes the base.

vinyl flooring

Difference 1 Vinyl is designed from a manmade material, also known as PVC whereas Lino, also known as Linoleum, is made from natural materials. Ideal for those seeking an ‘eco-flooring’ for their home, naturally antibacterial and biodegradable.

Difference 2 Vinyl is produced in many design options and is widely available. Lino is harder to source than vinyl and generally has less design options available to choose from.

Difference 3 Low levels of maintenance for vinyl flooring makes it a popular choice for busy households. This flooring is resilient and will not be affected by moisture, mould or mildew.

Lino flooring however is more sensitive to cleaning products and requires more maintenance and care. An acrylic coating should be applied on an annual basis in order to protect and prevent excess moisture and mould from accumulating.

Which flooring is best for me, Vinyl or Laminate?

Vinyl flooring is relatively inexpensive and is available in various designs. Some designs boast bright and colourful patterns, whilst others mimic alternative more expensive flooring options such a wood, granite, marble etc. Laminate flooring often comes in designs that replicate the look of wood flooring or stone effect tiles, a low cost alternative to the real thing.

Vinyl has a soft feel and is available with a slip resistant covering – ideal for households with small children, elderly family members or pets. Laminate flooring has more solid feel underfoot and is well suited to high traffic areas thanks to its scratch resistant top layer.

Our range of vinyl flooring is also water resistant, making it the ideal flooring choice for wet areas of the home including bathrooms.

Both flooring options are relatively lost cost solutions, however it is important to consider the needs of your home before making your decision.

Watch the benefits of vinyl, luxury vinyl tiles and laminate flooring with our home expert Lucy Alexander


Vinyl sheet vs Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl Sheet

  • Vinyl sheet comes in a variety of different colours, patterns and designs.
  • Often laid in one or two pieces, minimal seams are achieved.
  • Requires installation by an expert.
  • Repairs to this flooring would require the whole flooring to be replaced or a cut and replacement of the damaged section creating an additional seam.
Luxury Vinyl Tiles
  • Creates a realistic effect with designs mimicking stone, ceramic and hardwood.
  • There is the ability to configure the tiles to any desired pattern, personalising it to your room.
  • Fast and easier installation over sheet vinyl.
  • Tile replacement is unnoticeable should a repair be required.