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Textured Rugs

Find the best polypropylene rugs online or in store at Carpetright and get the ultimate accessory for your home. All of our rugs are made from only the best materials but these rugs for sale boast even greater durability. Stylish as well as practical, you don't have to worry about sacrificing the look of your home either.

An area rug can make a really big statement in a home and we love our polypropylene rugs in all areas of the house. Perfect for families with kids and pets, they're easy to clean and maintain and can even be fitted with laminate floors if they have a non-slip backing or are fitted with a gripping sheet or rug underlay.

Find your perfect style, colour, size or type of polypropylene rug online with us today and transform your home in an instant. Our modern rugs are always a popular choice but there are also traditional and shaggy rugs to choose from - the latter being great for those who want to sink their feet into something soft when they get home after a long day.