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Carpetright Product Reviews in association with Reevoo
How are Reevoo Reviews Calculated?

Reevoo asks Carpetright customers to score their purchase out of 10 for the following categories:
• Product quality
• Appearance/style
• Cleaning/maintenance
• Value for money
Carpetright customers are finally asked to provide an overall rating.

Why we work with Reevoo

Reevoo is an impartial and independent provider of trustworthy customer ratings and reviews. Reevoo never edit or censor any of the reviews they receive regardless of whether they offer positive or negative feedback. At Carpetright we publish all Reevoo reviews to give you a clear understanding of what our customers think about our products.

‘The Reevoo logo is a sign that you are reading 100% trustworthy reviews from genuine Carpetright customers.’