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A good night’s sleep is imperative to our physical and psychological well-being, so choosing the right mattress is one of the most important decisions you will make. The Sleep Council advises that a mattress should be changed at least every seven years to maintain the health benefits. In the video below our home expert, Lucy Alexander explains why putting a little thought into getting the right bed and mattress can help you sleep easier.

How to buy a mattress

We all know the importance of catching our 40 winks, so save yourself the sleepless nights and check out our must-read guide to tracking down your perfect mattress!

A bed is nothing without a great mattress – our body repairs and heals while we are sleeping. Interestingly, broken sleep is down to discomfort most of the time, which starts with the mattress.

Ideally you would replace a divan base and a mattress at the same time, but we understand that budgets don’t always stretch that far. The following checks should help you decide if you need a new frame:


Do I need a new bed and mattress?

  • Check the existing base for sagging or out of place springs, squeaking and/or creaking. If you find any of these, you probably need a new base!
  • If your bed has drawers, check to see if they’re damaged, as well as making sure all feet/castors are still there and that the two halves of your bases are connected and lined up.


If you have a bed frame or bedstead

Make sure the frame is sturdy and level and that it doesn’t have any parts missing, such as slats, bolts or other fittings. Ensure all the screws and bolts are tight and that the frame isn’t making any noise when in use.


Did you know?

Did you know that we spend a third of our lives in bed? So, that’s three years and four months you’ll spend on your next mattress… make sure it’s a good one! A great mattress should last for up to 10 years – read our mattress care guide to make sure you’re getting the most out of yours.

Ask us about our Try Before you Buy your Mattress scheme. We encourage our customers to have a lie down in store – you might feel silly at first, but trust us, it’s all part of the process! Find your nearest store here.

Mattress types: Choose your mattress comfort

Softer comfort rating


Sink into a soft mattress that will mould to your body shape, helping to relieve your joints. If you sleep on your side, a soft mattress will ease pressure on your hips and shoulders, helping to prevent uncomfortable aches and pains in the morning. 

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Medium comfort rating


Medium mattresses provide more support than soft, enabling you to rest comfortably whilst reducing pressure on your joints. Perfect if you’re a fidgety sleeper, a medium mattress is comfortable and supportive in a variety of sleeping positions. 

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Firmer comfort rating


A great all-rounder, a medium/firm mattress is great for supporting your body however you sleep. Whether you snooze on your back, stomach or side, a medium firm mattress provides pressure relief on your joints to reduce uncomfortable aching. 

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Extra firm comfort rating


Are you a flat on your back or a splayed on your stomach sleeper? Then a firm mattress is for you. The firmer structure is designed to provide enough support to keep your spine perfectly aligned as you sleep, helping to reduce uncomfortable back pain. 


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Unsure what kind of bed base you’re after? See our Bed Buying Guide for advice.

Which mattress is best? Choose your mattress style

What is a pocket spring mattress?


Constructed with individual metal coils encased in pockets of fabric, each spring is separate so you’re supported across different pressure points. The individual pocket springs also means you won’t be disturbed by a partner’s movements, which sounds good to us!


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What is a memory foam mattress?


A memory foam mattress moulds to your shape, relieving painful pressure from your joints and providing support for your body where you need it most.


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What is a hybrid mattress?


Get the best of both worlds with a pocket sprung mattress that is topped with a supportive layer of innovative memory foam. The top layer moulds to your body while the pocket springs relieve any pressure from your joints.


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What is a latex mattress?


A latex mattress will give you great support and relieve any back pain. The natural materials used in the construction of latex mattresses are known for their durability, as well as being hypoallergenic.


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See our range of headboards for a quick and easy way to add extra comfort and style to your bedroom.

Mattress dimensions: Choose your mattress size

Single mattress


A standard single bed measures approx 90cm x 190cm. Single beds and mattresses are ideal for smaller rooms that are short on space, and can comfortably sleep one average sized adult.


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Double mattress


A standard double measures approx 135cm x 190cm and will fit easily in most average sized bedrooms with plenty of room to spare.


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King size mattress


King Size beds measure approx 150cm x 200cm so you (and your partner!) can stretch out comfortably.


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Super king mattress


A super king size bed and mattress is the ultimate indulgence. Measuring about 180cm x 200cm, this is the largest bed size that is widely available to buy.


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Small single mattress


A great option for children's rooms, small single beds are ideal for bedrooms limited on space. They measure approx 75cm x 190cm.


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Small double mattress


Ideal for smaller bedrooms, small double mattresses are great for individuals looking for a little extra space to stretch out and measure approx 120cm x 190cm.


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Looking for the perfect bed frame to match your mattress size? Check out our range of bed frames to complete the look.

Mattresses delivered to your home

Expert delivery


Have your bed or mattress delivered and assembled in the room of your choice. Our expert delivery team will deliver your new bed or mattress at a time that is convenient for you.


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Expert delivery & bed recycling


Alongside our expert delivery service where we'll also assemble your new bed or mattress in the room of your choice, we offer a bed recycling service to take away the hassle of having to dispose of your old one yourself.


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Mattresses to take home today


Choose from our range of single, double and king size mattresses that are rolled up to easily fit in your car and can be taken home today from selected stores. Find your nearest store now.


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Once you’ve got your new mattress in place and ready to use, make sure you know how to care for your mattress to keep it fresh, clean and comfortable all year round.

Our mattresses are never beaten on price

At Carpetright we’ve made it easy to find the best deal on beds and mattresses. The Carpetright Price Promise means that you will always get the best price on beds with us. In short, we promise to you that we are never beaten on price. Find out more below.

Price promise


Getting the best price for a new bed or mattress has never been easier with the Carpetright Price Promise. Our promise to you is that we are never beaten on price. We guarantee that if within 28 days of purchase from us you find the equivalent divan, bed frame or mattress at a lower price elsewhere on a delivered bed or mattress of the same brand, we’ll refund the difference.

Conditions apply. To learn more and for full terms click here.

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