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Walnut 2 strip plank Laminate

Bring the luxury of wooden flooring into your home with walnut laminate flooring. An interesting alternative to oak laminate flooring and other wood effects, it really stands out from the crowd and offers a warm and attractive design you just can’t beat.

Practical and convenient, laminate floors are easy to clean and don’t cost a fortune. Giving you the high quality look of real wood floors, they are perfect for family homes where wear and tear might be more common. Fit into living areas to achieve a safe and stylish design that matches your furniture. Our walnut effect laminate flooring comes in a range of shades and finishes so you’re guaranteed to get what you need and there’s always our great selection of rugs to finish the look.

We’re proud of our great range of walnut laminate so why not shop for yours today? Part of our full collection of laminate floors, you’ll find everything you need to fit this great option into your home. Buy today or speak to us for more information and help with your decision.